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How do I open ports in router and firewall?

This is what I’ve done on my router website: Screenshot from 2022-06-30 22-45-16

How can I find the equivalent emule hash for a bittorrent file?

I’m downloading a torrent with many files and it’s been at 99.7% for a few months. I would like to know how to search on emule for the same files? …

Download connection to http://peerates.net/servers.php was lost. How to get more connections on Envy?

On Envy with the default settings and DC++ connection enabled, I’ve only got 2 G2 hubs, 3 G1 peers, and 1 DC++ hubs after 30 minutes. Only 6 neighbors in total. Is this normal? How do I get more connections? Specially on eDonkey where it hasn’t achieved a single c…

Recent polling has shown a substantial number of Americans on both sides of the political spectrum believe American democracy is likely to end in the near future (55% Dem, 53% Rep, 49% of all Americans including Independents/unaffiliated), and that a civil war is likely to occur in their lifetime (4…

Which file-sharing programs are safe to use without a VPN?

I think for torrent they are a must in most places. I’ve read many people in the US saying that they’ve been using SoulSeek without VPN for a long time without trouble. Fopnu works the same so it should be safe too. And MuWire is the same using I2P so it would be the safest but very slow. Tribler us…

Where is the true succesor to eMule?
Where is the true succesor to eMule?

Most of you will say that the succesor to eMule is BitTorrent as it is the most widely used P2P network today, but there are some things that BitTorrent lacks and eMule provides. The most notorious for me are the following:…

I'm looking for a program download old/rare stuff that is not seeded in torrent. Is muwire safe?

If someone downloads something illegal will I get in trouble because of the i2p network? There was someone who was raided after using tribler and I don’t know if this is the same. …

Link? I don’t think AI is at the point where it doesn’t fail yet.

I think as soon as there are killer robots, like a flying drone with a mounted gun that never fails or something like that, the elite will use it to keep the status quo indefinitely. And there will be nothing people can do about it.

So for you it would be a toggle, you would see one content or the other. You can imagine it as you like, it’s hypothetical.