Just wait until someone accidentally burns the shit out of themselves. It actually happens all the time with medical oxygen in hospitals, as in, a controlled environment where oxygen use is expected, and the injuries can be severe, even deadly. Imagine bringing one of these to a BBQ, someone light…

Senators are passing legialation to make it impossible to find them and protest outside their homes. Get the addresses now. This is how fascism starts. There will be no accountability or repercussions

Paul blocked passage of a bill designed to protect federal judges and their families from potential threats by keeping their personal information – such as home addresses, vehicle information and other personally identifiable material – from data bases and other public records. Paul said he did …

Welcome to Capitalism, where you can lose your vision because some corporation didn’t get enough money…

the Savings&Loans Scandal, a sidenote of “the Sopranos” (2nd Season) culminating in Enron/AIG & 911 …


There's a reason they're keeping schools underfunded, understaffed, and under attack.

The wealthy want to profit off privatizing the system, treat teachers like replaceable gig workers, and control the curriculum in order to hide their machinations and create ideal workers. …

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