>These new layoffs in the tech industry are a continuation of major cuts over the last year. According to the tech-job tracker, there have been more than 200,000 tech jobs eliminated since the start of 2022. They include 18,000 layoffs at Amazon in recent months and 11,000 at Facebook parent company Meta in November. > >To add insult to injury, many of the Google workers only discovered they were terminated when their key fobs didn’t work after they arrived at work. Google notified the workers through an email, rather than through personal contact. Meanwhile, corporate spokespeople and human resources representatives of the tech giants can be heard condescendingly telling laid-off workers to “build their resumes.” With mass layoffs at such a high rate, it is difficult for the displaced workers to be optimistic about future job opportunities.

look all that progress!!

Wages and social spending scapegoated for CPI increases 🤡
Michael Hudson back on tour with another great breakdown of the current macroeconomic environment and its largely unchallenged narrative.


1,000 Blind People See For The First Time
So this video has been the subject of online discourse. It was trending on Twitter and even Hasan talked about it which resulted in even more eyes on the topic. His fans don't have the best takes, to be honest, but a few did. People are obviously split on this, with leftists getting the most heat for being critical of Mr. Beast and the system that curates the "need" for people like him, relying on charity to solve systemic issues. On the opposing side there are people saying that Mr. Beast isn't the problem and he doesn't owe anyone anything. Beast is doing a nice thing and is not the person to attack or criticize. He doesn't need to use his platform and influence to educate people on systemic issues. My perspective is that criticizing Mr. Beast brings light to systemic issues. He's clearly a very large creator and has many eyes on him, using his content as a stepping stone to introducing the general public to these problems. Sure, he's not the main contributor to homelessness and unaffordable healthcare, but his videos are clear examples as to how the system is an abject failure. Mr. Beast's name and image garners a lot more clicks than many of the other bourgeoisie that we criticize. The left can use his videos and connect it to other contributors to hyper-capitalism. On the other hand, this can clearly backfire if not handled carefully. If one criticizes Mr. Beast himself too much it can brew more enemies rather than allies. Anyway, just thought I'd share since it seems relevant.

when you see that "Russia has the third highest teen suicide rate in the world, behind Belarus and Kazakhstan" you know the damage that capitalism did to russia

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Do you have any far-right family members/friends?
I went out to dinner the other night with a family friend, and he spent the entire dinner talking about some right wing conspiracies. I feel like my brain is rotting oml. Does anyone else have to sit through conversations like this?

firms of all types and sizes are giving workers phony managerial titles in order to avoid paying them overtime
cross-posted from: > A new study shows that firms of all types are giving workers phony managerial titles in order to avoid paying them overtime a new study shows that firms of all types and sizes are giving workers phony managerial titles in order to avoid paying them overtime in what researchers see as an exploitation of federal labor laws. “If you are a manager and you're paid over a certain amount, in fact, that lifts the burden of firms having to pay you overtime,” said Lauren Cohen, a professor at Harvard Business School and one of the paper’s authors. > > The logic at the time of the law’s creation was that managers are a special class of employee with a particular stake in the company’s future success. But today, many such workers are managers in name only, and the national threshold is only $455 a week, or under $24,000 a year. Cohen and his fellow researchers scoured job listings in the 2010s and discovered that right above that weekly $455 threshold, there was a 485 percent increase in the number of salaried positions with fancy-sounding managerial titles. Companies, it seemed, were often doling out fancy-sounding titles to salaried employees and then paying them just enough to legally shirk overtime rules. “We find widespread evidence of firms appearing to avoid paying overtime wages by exploiting a federal law,” the researchers state in their paper, which was recently published as a working paper by the National Bureau of Economic Research. On average, the strategy appears to save companies significant amounts of money (and costs workers just as much). The researchers estimate that firms pocket 13.5 percent in overtime payments for each bullshit manager title they hand out. > > The overtime-evasion trick held across industries and around the country, according to the data, but was most obvious within industries and states where workers had fewer rights and less bargaining power, as well as in low-wage industries that are more often dinged for overtime violations, like retail and food and drink services.

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