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Context: https://twitter.com/joeywreck/status/1549894000588595202?s=20&t=kffuGg3LAAusUGSeO39k9Q

Absolutely. Its funny to see US socdems praising the “nordic model” or NHS, when those things are rapidly being dismantled. You can’t avoid the laws of capitalism, or expect that any capitalist dictatorship posing as a “democracy” will be able to keep their social welfare programs for long.

Ya its Dune. Although muad dib might be from there, Frank Herbert took a lot of themes from north Africa and the ME.

No its the chance in their lifetime that they will spend any time imprisoned.

Also wanna add that the CPRF ( which is the 2nd largest party in Russia, contrast with Ukraine which has effectively outlawed the communist party since 2014 ), supports the war.

Their reasoning is extremely solid and that article should be read by all the ppl who think russia is “doing an imperialism.”

The idea of publicists sitting down their wealthy clients and saying, “for some reason you don’t seem to be polling well with the poverty demograpic, we need to set up some surface-level charity gigs with news stories and photo ops to make those numbers go positive.” is really funny to me.

In Ukraine Russia is Fighting Neo-Nazism  – Communist Party of the Russian Federation
Good section: In terms of the Marxist theory the military conflict in Ukraine cannot be described as an imperialist war, as our comrades would argue. It is essentially a national liberation war of the people of Donbass. From Russia’s point of view it is a struggle against an external threat to national security and against Fascism. It is no secret that the Donbass militia was unable to resist the many-thousand-strong foreign-armed Ukrainian armed forces. A defeat of the militias would have led to the annihilation of the Russian-speaking population, a large proportion of which are citizens of Russia. Under the Constitution of the RF, Russia took legitimate action to protect its citizens and ensure its national security because it could not have been done by other means.

Yup, for whatever reason, pry long term strategy ones, he thinks its a bad idea for NATO to get involved in a quagmire in Ukraine.

That list is collaborative, why not just add to it?

Not sure, could have its origins there. I’m sure someone has traced the origins of all these white supremacist symbols the soldiers are wearing.

Ukrainian politicians trying to find and post a picture of a Ukrainian soldier without nazi insignia challenge (impossible).

Yeah I always found that weird too, just tie it to inflation.

I saw a tweet today along the lines of: “the fight for a $15 minimum wage has now gone on for so long that it’s outdated.”