Unable to unpin another mod's sticky

Not sure when this happened. Is this intended? On this sub !

Cannot log out of Lemmy

When I try to log out (using the top right menu) the page just refreshes. Sometimes it works if I log out then refresh, or restart the browser, or log out several times in a row; but not always. I am using Tor on Windows. …

Sending email problem

Hello! I managed to set up an instance quite easily with Ansible, only problem now is that I can’t send emails in any way!..

Federate with mastodon instances

has anyone already successfully federated with mastodon instances? I can’t seem to find any community on e.g nor send a message to a user. I’ve configured Lemmy according the docker installation instructions…

[Solved] How do I uninstall this dockers?
❯ docker ps...

Feedback : quote-sharing from Friendica

I’ve been playing with quote-sharing and it seems that…

Suggestion: Add setting to show usernames instead of display names.

I’ve lost count on the number of accounts impersonating Dessalines. Plus, I’d like to easily see what instance a user comes from…

[Solved] Where is lemmy docker installed?

I saved the files docker-compose.yml and lemmy.hjson in /home/user/.local/share/lemmy/. Where is lemmy installed when I do docker-compose up -d?

docker container inspect

Can't add my access this account from my phone.

I don’t like reddit. I would like to migrate over to Lemmy. Lemmy is making it exceedingly difficult to do so. I have this account that I’m working from right now from my computer. I cannot add it to the app on the phone. I simply will not go through. After I put in the credentials it stays at …

Is there a way to remove certain high-traffic instances from my "All" feed?

Lemmygrad has more traffic than most other instances and drowning everything else in my “All” feed. Is there a way to remove them from my “All” feed?..

Is there a simple way to remove a banned user's profile description?

A user was created in my instance to spam phishing links to some google sites that look like bank login sites and crypto wallets. I banned the user and removed their content, but the links were also added to the description in their profile page, and they still live there. Is there a way to delete t…

feature request: it should be possible to flag a community

related: there is presently spam under “trending communities”…

Where can I learn how to use the Lemmy api?

As the title says, I’m trying to create my own discord bot that takes channel comments and posts them on lemmy but I’m woefully underprepared. I definitely just need some more baseline info because as always I’m already in much deeper than I should be. Thanks for any help! …

Some Friendica comments not making it through to Lemmy

2 of my recent Friendica comments (1 and 2) are not visible from Lemmy. In the case of the one published by a sopuli user, it is visible neitheir on Sopuli nor on l…

Hi, i wanna create new UI for Lemmy federations, but i have big problems with an understanding of linux system. …

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