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Cloud notepad besides standardnotes?
Standardnotes has been lagging on my phone for the past 2 months. Just factory reset my phone and it still takes a long time to open the app and individual notes. I want a notepad for text that can sync online that i can access from my computer and phone

What's your hot takes on when should abortion be NOT allowed?
iirc it takes 9 months to birth a human on average. So someone could say abortion should be allowed at 8.9 month and someone can also say just 1 week. I'm waiting for someone to say abortion should be allowed at 8.9 months cause i want to hear the reasoning. **Here's my hot take**: (ib4 ban) we should develop tech like artificial uteruses and just move unwanted baby/fetus/idk-the-terminology into these instead BUT we should also have a comprehensive social welfare program to raise ALL children/humans, and not conservative welfare where it's like 1 mother figure taking care of 6 children with food stamps. Given what i know about 2022 technology: if conservatives gave a hoot about child/fetus welfare, they're have comprehensive social welfare programs, which would reduce the number of abortions bc at least the mother figure won't be #rekt financially by have 6 kids.

Btw Share content from c/privacy to regular social medias

Best pants to wear for going commando?
For males, but females free free time chime in too. As a male, jeans are too rough for me. Sweat pants - havent tried in public, would be a bit concerned about getting a random boners since weak material. So far, since it's summer now, it has definitely helped with not being as sweaty. Low key, if i was mentally tougher i'd wear a skirt.

I'm at work and my pants suddenly started sacking me. Help?
With every footstep I take, the like groin seam thing is hitting the boys slightly, which wasn't a problem initially but now I'm having a pretty bad time right now. Cant go home to change pants. I wear these pants everyday and it's never been a problem. Any emergency fixes I could do right now? Why is this happening?

Looking for an online offline calendar that can sync
Someone told me to use proton calendar, and I have been. It doesn't work offline. Like when I'm offline, I can't add new events. I would like it if I could add new events, and then when it got connection, it would sync. I think I tried tutanota a few months ago, can't remember what happened but it didn't have what I was looking for.

Would you be opposed to a leftwing men's movement?
Not the right wing "men's right" thing. Some kind of left version, that would fundamentally be a feminist movement but with different branding. Different branding would be necessary to absorb a bunch of men into it.

Mozilla's common voice project on fdroid Instead of playing Candy crush saga in an elevator, contribute to the collective good of your fellow human

Libertarians like things like entrepreneurship and venture capitalism eh? What about… like venture leftism? Tell them starting up a union is like being a business owner! (union bosses make a lot more money than regular workers right?).

Venture neighborhood community pod might be harder since they’re not making much money from that. But something like “youre so dashing charismatic, instead of using your money, you use your charisma to build an organization and then put that on your resume and apply to be a ceo. Plus women dig that.”

Everyday is a new day and there are new potentially low hanging fruit to radicalize - what about cryptobros?

Judging from the subreddit, a lot of them are banking their 1000$ oncrypto to try to get a better standard of living. 1000$ and only a 1000 and they had to save up for months/weeks to have that amount of expendable cash.

Something involving the key phrases of:

“since the cryptomarket has crashed” (it actually has), “we should take the billionaires money and use that to improve our standard of living”, “billonaires gamble millions into the cryptomarket and get lucky and get richer, but if the market tanks, it doesn’t even affect them”.

Some shiza about the american dream involving leftist concepts that appeals to libertarians. Invoke the wallstreet bets gamespot play. It has to appeal to that individual responsibility bs.

I’m not sure how to try to appeal to them properly, or how to even go about contacting them in an effective manner (ex a self post on r/cryptocurrency?)

Able to tag people sometimes but not other times. Why?
I was unable to @yogthos in 1 comment, but i went to another thread and was able to tag him. Both from lemmy.perthchat.org. Why?

@yogthos@lemmy.ml you seem like a man with a plan, The libs who mistook him for a lib might realize he’s not a lib, and hopefully move left. Any way we can exploit this to make libs move left faster?

I too enjoy Twitter as my source for factual information

Not to be too much of a Debbie Downer.

I can download element from f droid or Google Play. Which one should I download from?
Pros and cons of each? - Google play has auto update, whereas f droid has semi automatic updates where it takes more effort. - The Google play flavor comes with support for FCM (i.e. push notifications via Google infrastructure). The f-droid flavor relies on regular polling for events (so that messages might come in a little bit later, though I am not sure whether it can keep a connection open for real time push notifications).

Updated standard notes (android) recently - very slow and fails to load now. Anyone else? Fixes?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.perthchat.org/post/26169 > From fdroid. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. It was fine before this. > > Tried restarting my device. > > Is there a way I can downgrade to an earlier version of standard notes?

the govs won’t do that. it’s up to you to mobilize lemmings/others into doing something about it

this ‘make evything smart’ trend is the new ‘make eveything blockchain’

why aren’t men called “males” nearly at the same frequency?

this deserves a post of it’s own too.

IMO, bro, dude, homie are hip man/male/boy alternatives. Whereas women don’t have as many hip ones. I used to say ‘girls’, but then i saw what some people mean when the say girls in dark places on matrix (underage) and switched to women/female. Lass/lassy is old school cool and would love to see that as a come back.

Alternatively, reclaiming ‘female dog’ would work too

Great question, keeping up with what is political correct is very difficult and it’s easy to get cancelled. Which sounds like i’m sprewing rightwing bs, but if someone knows how to keep up with the trends let me know. (That isn’t spend my life on twitter trending hashtags)

i’d give you a lemmy buck but i’m out. I’m trying to pan handle some atm

Antagonizing users by trying to send them back to reddit isn’t a good look. Even if they’re libs they should be kept at an arms-length to maintain respect

Kudos! I was wondering about something similar. Have one of my lemmy bucks. https://lemmy.perthchat.org/post/5126

To my comrades: i’m not talking about your guy’s subs

best place on the fediverse is switter and a few porn matrix rooms