[Announcement], a guide to privacy, data ownership & sustainable tech
Hey Lemmy! We've released [](, a beginner's guide to free and open source software, privacy and sustainable tech. The site is available in English, French and German. We hope that it can help some of you to: * safely browse the Internet * encrypt your conversations * protect your data * switch to Linux * free your phone from Google & Apple * join the Fediverse & use alternative cloud providers * self-host your stuff The source code is available on [GitLab]( Happy to chat, let us know what you think! For more information, please come find us at []( :) -- PS: We are 100% non-profit: no ads, no tracking, no sponsored or paywalled content.

#Chatcontrol - EDPB & EDPS: proposal to combat child sexual abuse online presents serious risks for fundamental rights
**[CHATCONTROL - EDPB & EDPS: PROPOSAL TO COMBAT CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE ONLINE PRESENTS SERIOUS RISKS FOR FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS](!hyc4M7)** Brussels, 29 July - The European Data Protection Board and the European Data Protection Supervisor ( [@EDPS]( ) adopted a Joint Opinion on the Proposal for a Regulation to prevent and combat child sexual abuse. The Proposal aims to impose obligations related to detecting, reporting, removing and blocking known and new online child sexual abuse material (CSAM), as well as the solicitation of children, on providers of hosting services, interpersonal communication services, software application stores, internet access services and other relevant services. The EDPB and EDPS consider child sexual abuse as a particularly serious and heinous crime. Limitations to the rights to private life and data protection must, however, respect the essence of these fundamental rights and remain limited to what is strictly necessary and proportionate. The EDPB and EDPS consider that the Proposal, in its current form, may present more risks to individuals, and, by extension, to society at large, than to the criminals pursued for CSAM. Whilst supporting the goals and intentions behind the Proposal, the EDPS and EDPB express serious concerns about the impact of the envisaged measures on individuals’ privacy and personal data. The lack of detail, clarity and precision of the conditions for issuing a detection order for CSAM and child solicitation does not ensure that only a targeted approach to CSAM detection will effectively take place. There is a risk that the Proposal could become the basis for a generalised and indiscriminate scanning of content of virtually all types of electronic communications. The EDPB and EDPS advise that the conditions for issuing a detection order should be further clarified Opinion [!hyc4M7](!hyc4M7) Press Release [!H8tN6P](!H8tN6P)

EXCLUSIVE EU found evidence employee phones compromised with spyware -letter By Raphael Satter July 27 (Reuters) - The European Union found evidence that smartphones used by some of its staff were compromised by an Israeli company's spy software, the bloc's top justice official said in a letter seen by Reuters. In a July 25 letter sent to European lawmaker Sophie in ‘t Veld, EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders said iPhone maker Apple had told him in 2021 that his iPhone had possibly been hacked using Pegasus, a tool developed and sold to government clients by Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group […](

Prefer only 'they/gender-neutral pronoun' for personal pronouns due to privacy and security
With Internet hackers, bots, and miners collecting data and metadata on whatever content users put around the world, personal pronouns should be limited as a matter of security on any social media site (including forums like this). The best solution would be to formalize the vernacular use of "they/others" for social media.

A place to discuss privacy and freedom in the digital world.

Privacy has become a very important issue in modern society, with companies and governments constantly abusing their power, more and more people are waking up to the importance of digital privacy.

In this community everyone is welcome to post links and discuss topics related to privacy.

Some Rules

  • Posting a link to a website containing tracking isn’t great, if contents of the website are behind a paywall maybe copy them into the post
  • Don’t promote proprietary software
  • Try to keep things on topic
  • If you have a question, please try searching for previous discussions, maybe it has already been answered
  • Reposts are fine, but should have at least a couple of weeks in between so that the post can reach a new audience
  • Be nice :)

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