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We’re on a steady track back to feudalism where a Lord owns both the land and all the people that live on the land.

Nope, it’s definitely one piece.


It is a fully integrated laundry center (meaning it’s all one piece rather than two stacked pieces)

I saw this model at the department store and I assure you there is no separation. That seam is just the body panel, they don’t come apart. And from the marketing material I saw, LG couldn’t be more proud of their “innovation”.

Why do they have to be one unit then? You can stack two separate appliances, like we’ve been doing for decades.

Absolutely agreed on repair being best. But even then, now you’ve got two appliances out of commission instead of one if something breaks, since they seem to share hardware, like the control interface and I imagine the power supply.

The SS didn’t do the holocaust alone, just saying. They didn’t cast the fences on their own, build the trains, or synthesize the cyanide.

So when there’s inevitably a shooting because their shitty system caused a mental break in some poor kid, they can clean the blood right off and continue as if nothing happened.

I wouldn’t say final stage. I mean, companies hire hitmen and mercenaries to whack people who try and unionize or blow the whistle all the damn time. Coca Cola death squads come to mind, and that was a long time ago.

I always swear at those automated bots. They tend to have detectors for that and will connect you to an operator way faster.

If this was shown in a movie, people would complain that it’s campy and over the top unrealistic.

Yet here we are.

If you track the actual costs of raw goods and what they’re being sold to consumers for, you’ll quickly realize the “Russia sanctions” narratives are actually bullshit.

In short, things haven’t actually gotten more expensive since the war, they’re just using the war as a cover to siphon more money from you.

Libs only recently started being able to tell Mainland China and Taiwan apart.


And in the comments of that article there are people rejecting this. “Dude, Snopes is the hoax.” Also, the fucking comments in general are so racist and vile.

They desperately want this to be real so China is seen as this monster lol.

Like, I’m not an OBGYN, but those babies/fetuses look super fake to me.

Fun fact, there was an art piece about eating babies in China that fooled tons of people.

https://yewtu.be/watch?v=pG1ulFD7ELQ – You think if a random YouTuber can figure this out, the FBI would too.

Petition to stop calling them billionaires and start calling them pieces of shit then?