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Like, they don’t need this for spying. Have you seen surveillance satellite technology lately? Like, we’re down to sub-centimeters of spatial resolution and clear enough images for a picture of a person taken from outer freaking space to be recognized by humans and facial recognization alike.

Also, as far as I know there was never anything in the way of steering it right? So if they wanted intel on anything specific like a military base or a research/development institution, this is totally useless. Depending on how far away they released it they wouldn’t even be able to know if it would pass over the American continents, let alone any specific target, and if they released it really close to the US coast wouldn’t the US have found out by now? High atmosphere winds are so unpredictable that there’s a reason it’s the poster child for what is called a “chaotic system”.

Also also, do you think China’s stupid? What, they just didn’t think the US would find it hovering in their airspace eventually and trace it back to them? If this was how they spy on other countries, then they’re so comedically bad at it that they post no threat to anyone, yet China’s supposed to be this super spying powerhouse? And then as soon as news broke out they just proceeded to acknowledge it was theirs? You’re allowed to lie and deflect in espionage. It’s a thing.

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TBH, I don’t care for Catholicism at all, but I do like architecture, and I can appreciate maintaining and restoring iconic structures like this.

At the same time though, why not show the process of restoring it? I’d love to see what’s actually being done behind that billboard.

There’s a really funny scene in a Canadian standup routine that hits the nail on the head.

A Canadian is talking to a British person and the British person is ranting about how he hates a town near him, and then asks the Canadian who he hates.


Then the Canadian realizes that “to roger” means something completely different in British.

“Oh yeah, if you go to (town name) you’ll be rogered for sure!”

“Never mind, he knows exactly what I’m talking about.”

(The actual show is obviously funnier than my description here. I’d post the clip, but can’t find it.)

We’re on a steady track back to feudalism where a Lord owns both the land and all the people that live on the land.

Nope, it’s definitely one piece.


It is a fully integrated laundry center (meaning it’s all one piece rather than two stacked pieces)

I saw this model at the department store and I assure you there is no separation. That seam is just the body panel, they don’t come apart. And from the marketing material I saw, LG couldn’t be more proud of their “innovation”.

Why do they have to be one unit then? You can stack two separate appliances, like we’ve been doing for decades.

Absolutely agreed on repair being best. But even then, now you’ve got two appliances out of commission instead of one if something breaks, since they seem to share hardware, like the control interface and I imagine the power supply.

The SS didn’t do the holocaust alone, just saying. They didn’t cast the fences on their own, build the trains, or synthesize the cyanide.

So when there’s inevitably a shooting because their shitty system caused a mental break in some poor kid, they can clean the blood right off and continue as if nothing happened.

I wouldn’t say final stage. I mean, companies hire hitmen and mercenaries to whack people who try and unionize or blow the whistle all the damn time. Coca Cola death squads come to mind, and that was a long time ago.

I always swear at those automated bots. They tend to have detectors for that and will connect you to an operator way faster.