Looking for GenZedong?

This post is for those coming over from /r/GenZedong who signed up on instead of, which is where the GenZedong community is located. …

Announcing: Anti Landlords!

Post anything rental / housing crisis related / just complain about your slumlord/landlord …

New Community for Heavy Music

A new Lemmy community for fans of Heavy Music. Feel free to share new releases or your old favorites. All heavy genres of music are allowed!..

Hi, I created a community for the game Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. …

New sub about landlords / slumlords / rentals / housing crisis

I like to think of it as the fucklandlords, a la fuckcars style, with a splash of antiwork + socialism…

Announcing a community about Novelty subs/users!

A novelty account is one made for a specific purpose/type of comment. For instance, badwatercolor makes bad watercolor. Their usernames are exactly what they are. …

Vi ringrazio / Thank

Fiero di far parte di questa Comunità libera di Lemmy. Grazie per avermi accolto. …

Announcing a community about The United States of America!

General catch all sub for USA related content …

Announcing a community about fluffychat

One doesn’t exist already right? …

What does a groaning lemmy sound like? Enter here and find out!..

Everything except puns…

The problem like not ready to login to yahoo account is simply connected with the server of your mail account. Web sites, for instance Yahoo mail keeps reloading |

Lemmy Announcements

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