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That Rob Colbert guy has also explained in a video why “ActivityPub sucks” on his opinion.

Oooh, we have a genius here! In case you were too nosy to not notice, here’s what this community is about.

About the subject itself, is OP suggesting that fake PR events should be made to promote Fediverse or something? That’s only how this would make sense.

No I won’t, the weather is too cold for her to get here anyways. Also it looks like Exploding Heads is becoming a place for Wolfballs refugees.

This is the topic that has dominated Finnish news during the last few days.

Can’t remember the exact way I found out about Lemmy. I must have been browsing Reddit or Mastodon and suddenly there was lots of talk about Lemmy.

Same, didn’t know about Organic Maps already. Might as well test it, as currently I am using HERE WeGo.

There was one short-lived porn-themed instance but it didn’t federate with anyone and later switched to Postmill.

My guess is that you receive new users mainly via, is that correct?

I haven’t really done promotion for my instance so that is correct.

I think it would help a lot of we put 2-4 “recommended instances” at the top of that page, particularly small or general-purpose instances like yours. It would also be pretty simple to have different recommendations for each language, which should help regional instances. There could be a sort of tag system as well, but thats a bit more effort to implement. What do you think?

That would be magnificent!

On a side note, we would also like to help with the creation of a general-purpose instance that is less focused on politics than most of the existing instances.

My intention with was to create a general-purpose instance with no specific political leaning.

And the fact that the software and flagship instance have the same name adds to it.

Nice! Sopuli runs on Hetzner’s servers and Hetzner has used green energy for some time.

And yet:

Without providing evidence, Denis Pushilin, the separatist leader in Donetsk, accused Ukraine of preparing to attack the two regions soon – an accusation Kyiv said was false.

“There are no orders to liberate our territories by force,” said Ukraine’s top security official, Oleksiy Danilov.

One can send private messages to other users on Lemmy but the messages are not end-to-end encrypted. Matrix can be used also for chatting with one other, making a “chatting service” for Lemmy would be just redundant.

I have already banned several trolls from Sopuli and turned email verification on. I don’t understand why I put email verification off in first place. Regardless, I’m watching the situation.

Clowns or terrorists, they are banned regardless.

Some of the mods may be sleeping; here in Finland the clock is 12:37 but in New York it’s 05:37.