Estudante de Engenharia Informática apaixonado pela área; algures em Portugal.

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Computer Science student, passionate about the field; somewhere in Portugal. instance administrator.

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Great answer. Context, tonality and people’s mood/feelings vary wildly and are fundamental aspects of how someone will take such a thing.
Your last point is key - when unsure (e.g. not talking to a close friend), choose the most polite words.

That’s very nice of you, thanks! :3

ahah, thanks! I’m curious why you picked me though, I barely post, mainly just read/lurk 🙃

"Tabacaria"1 by Álvaro de Campos (a Fernando Pessoa heteronym). Here’s an English translation.

It’s regarded by many as one of the best poems by him, and it is also a favourite of mine. The original version conveys so much in a brilliant flow of words, which, unfortunately, gets a somewhat lost with translations.

1 From the “official” archive.

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That isn’t true. BitWarden is a very good password manager. Great apps on all platforms (even terminal) with perfect sync.

I’d you don’t trust the main server, then you can run the official server, or the lighter and community recommended vaultwarden server. It’s tiny, easy to deploy and effective.

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Dunno, but you can take a look at and sort by the metric you find most relevant

I mean, MTP is kinda slow cus of the lack of multiplexing, but yeah, it can definitely be faster than network protocols

Was about to comment this. Simple and straightforward, no real need to use more complex over-the-network stuff if you’re just sporadically sending some files from one device to the other.

Yeah, same. I even run, but I mostly read. I’ve been trying to correct that, though.

I don’t remember exactly. But i like to search for “alternatives to x” in my search for free software because it leads to that website “” which has a filter for “opensource” which usually means free software for them, so my guess is one day i decided to search for alternatives to reddit that way and i was so excited about it that i made a lemmy account soon after

This was pretty much my experience, though I also don’t recall it exactly.

I remember making my account, checking a couple of things and then forgetting about it for some months, then I searched for alternatives again (I do this from time to time to see how the “ecosystem” is evolving) and it rekindled my activity. Soon enough I started contributing to the project with translations, suggestions and even a bit of code :)

That’s a lot of improvements!
Thank you a lot and congratulations on yet another great release! Will be updating my instance very soon ;)

Thanks for making these themes! <3

This is a really nice update! All these improvements to the API will improve the plugin ecosystem quite a bit

That sounds about it yeah, now that I think of it. I can only reply to issues by getting an email notification, which requires an account.

Would be nice if you’d elaborate in those reasons ;)

I believe you can email an issue, but I’m not sure, may be mixing it with GitLab.

What's cooking on SourceHut? January 2022
New update on sourcehut! Summary: - new staff (paid by NLNet fund grant) - hut: a sourcehut CLI tool -'s GraphQL API should land sometime this week - GraphQL-native webhooks for should land before the next monthly update - fixed bugs related to importing mbox files in - fixed OAuth 2.0 bugs in See also: [[NLNet NGI Zero funding]]( and [[How does SourceHut's FOSS business model work?]](

Announcing a persistent IRC session for sourcehut users
I've tried it already and it's really neat. Drew was also very nice and explained me a lot of stuff :3 What are your thoughts?

publicação cruzada de: > The second episode of LTT's Linux *challenge* is out.

The second episode of LTT's Linux *challenge* is out.

Lemmy Portugal 🇵🇹 - A new public instance dedicated to Portugal and the Portuguese Language
Hallo! Making this announcement post here to let more people know that the instance is now opened! I had held back from making this post due to not having written some rules yet, but now that's in place. They still need some touch ups, and a more extensive Code of Conduct document has yet to be written, however, I'd like to get more people on board to get more feedback. So, what is this instance about? Anything related to Portugal, Portuguese, or any related community. We have some communities already set up, but anyone is free to create their own space :D Naturally, posts should be in Portuguese, and on-topic, but English posts are also welcome if they come from people wanting to learn about the community, culture, language and so on. I hope to help the Lemmy network by adding this new instance :3 Cheers!