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Feedback : quote-sharing from Friendica
[!lemmy\_support](https://lemmy.ml/c/lemmy_support) I've been playing with quote-sharing and it seems that * it works in comments (cf [1](https://lemmy.ml/post/241819/comment/166815) [2](https://lemmy.ml/post/241819/comment/166808) [3](https://lemmy.ml/post/241819/comment/166803) [4](https://lemmy.ml/post/241819/comment/166800) * it does not work in posts (cf [1](https://nerdica.net/display/a85d7459-1162-63c9-7e6f-59a705817916) [2](https://nerdica.net/display/a85d7459-1862-644b-451f-a59046334474) that do not appear on Lemmy) It can come in handy to cite a post or comment when participating in a discussion, so it would be nice if this all works eventually, although I understand that you probably have lots of more urgent things to do !

Not that sure, federation of Lemmy with the rest of the fediverse is only a few month old, and gets improved constantly, so there may be some different tests to run.

Anyway the point is not necessarily to create a very active community, but to have a place where the interested people can try out that sort of things for themselves and for each other, without spamming the uninterested ones

Devs : let’s not do user follows to not make this a stupid popularity contest.
OP : did someone say popularity contest ?

Note that I myself follow a lot of users 😀 (just not lemmy ones, as it doesn’t work)

Fun fact : I followed you and you picture updated instantly !

A FediToLemmyLab community?
[!fediverse](https://lemmy.ml/c/fediverse) Would you find it useful to have a community dedicated to trying out things from other fedi platforms? Like various formatting, attachments, quotes to posts (and comments). And where people would comment about how it comes through in their own timelines.

tbf, he probably meant modulo borrowing to a bank

While it may be true that most westerners can afford a 100 000$ house, he omits that most of them need to put a mortgage on said house to be able to do so. I guess the point is that you can put a mortgage on the ticket as long as you finish paying it before the rocket takes off. But I am very doubtful that most people would be able to afford it in addition to their rent/housing mortgage.

Yes, but I got confused. What I had in mind was in the 0.16.0 release :

Mastodon can now display communities even when a user with identical name exists (but the user can’t be viewed in that case).

Sorry about the confusion ! Maybe that will improve soon as they have been working a lot on federation improvements recently.

Have you tried with @fediverse@lemmy.ml? I vaguely seem to remember this was mentioned in a recent release, but don’t remember very well, and haven’t tried from Mastodon since then.

what I did was just writing !fediverse@lemmy.ml at the beginning of my post. Note that I am following the community with this Nerdica account, maybe that’s a requirement.

I agree with the state of affair. I’m just saying that as it is addressed to a certain community it would make sense to have a direct access to how it appears to said community. In addition to the original Nerdica link, not instead of it.

But yes, calling it an issue was too strong 😀

It’s just a regular Friendica post with a mention to the Lemmy community.

Other issue I face : in Friendica there doesn’t seem to be a link to the Lemmy version of this post. Wouldn’t it make sense to have one has this is a post on a Lemmy group?

Yes this post was published from Friendica !

Infatti compare, nascosto dietro l’opzione “Send secure message” (o comunque sia tradotto)

I’m not American, so I wouldn’t know; I just explained why I, a European, care about it.
This would also explain why the media here talked way more about Lybia and Syria than they do about anything happening in south America, although there are less whites there.

I can still see other explanations that imo seem more plausible.

Close to the EU also means close to the western civilisation. This also explains why here we heard so much about George Floyd and BLM. Or do you think that it is because afro-americans are somehow whiter than africans?

Finally, let us recall that the Ukraine conflict is also a proxy war between NATO and Russia, another military superpower. World order is at stakes there. Or do you think American media actually care about the Ukrainian people?

It sure is very easy to blame everything on racism, but, as stated in the article itself, there is a much simpler reason why europeans talk a lot about Ukraine : it is in Europe. Russia and Ukraine are both neighboring EU countries, Ukrainian refugees are massively coming to the EU.

I failed to properly attach the URL though, I’d be interested if anyone knows the proper way

Post from Friendica
[!fediverse](https://lemmy.ml/c/fediverse) If I understand correctly, the new release allows me to publish this? [Lemmy Release v0.16.3 - Federation Bug Fixes - Lemmy](https://lemmy.ml/post/222735)

Thanks a lot for the hard work ! Always nice to read new federation improvements, might get used to it 😁