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Good twitter thread here claiming the original one saw a 500% boost in Navy applicants (a number claimed numerous other places but which I gave up looking for a source for after a couple minutes). Meanwhile here is the US Naval Institute claiming that, instead of Top Gun, the late 80s enlistment increase should be attributed to increased spending on recruiting (ignoring that some of that money most likely helped subsidize the film), even though there were recruiters in theaters then too and 90% of applicants in some cities had seen it… and therefore concludes implausibly that the new film’s “effect on the service’s recruiting will probably be small at best”.

it’s always heartwarming to see neighbors coming together for a common cause like this

Why aren't non-reproducibly-built binaries of GPL-licensed software considered undistributable?

Reading the rather disturbing (albeit refreshingly honest, compared to some other distros) answer to the FAQ “Can Slackware be recompiled from scratch?” got me wondering… …

The fourth one is complicated; the US and China both abstained in the vote, apparently expecting the other to veto, while the USSR voted for him. (His lies about his wartime history weren’t exposed until years later.)

interop with other fediverse platforms

If I understand correctly, users of other fediverse things like Mastodon can follow lemmy communities (and users?) but the reverse is not currently possible. Would it not make sense for lemmy users to be able to subscribe to a hashtag or user on a mastodon instance?..

This story really does not belong here in the “ukraine_war_news” community.

The only connection to the war is that they’re originally from Ukraine (but have been in the US for six years) and that someone apparently made a petition supporting them which incorrectly suggests that they could possibly be deported to Ukraine during the war. (By my understanding of US law, they will not in fact be deported until after serving their sentence in the US if they are convicted.)

“Take the chips out of your cell phones” … right, ok, that seems prudent … “especially the international ones, we will give you other chips.” … wat???

(because surely sigint systems are incapable of correlating that an IMEI which was just using a foreign SIM now has a local one?)

Do you know what e’s “one proprietary application” is? (I don’t and I’m curious; see my other comment in this thread.)


Last time I looked, /e/ OS was going-to-be-open-source-later software (but was already distributing images). Now it looks like they have published a lot of source code but their FAQ ominously says

Yes – all our source code is available and you can compile it, fork it. Some pre-built applications are used in the system; they are built separately from source code available here, or synced from open-source repositories such as F-Droid. We ship one proprietary application though.

…which, for me, goes from cool to wat to nope in three sentences.

(I do wonder what their one proprietary app is, but am not going to spend more than the minute i just spent trying to find the answer to that question.)

Lemmy has an API and Reddit has an API, so, what you want shouldn’t be too difficult.

If you don’t want to start from scratch you could fork something actively maintained that uses the reddit API already, like tootbot, so that you only need to implement the Lemmy side.

You could ask on their forum or matrix channel. I just noticed that neither GNOME Foundation nor RedHat are listed on that about page, both of whom iirc are actually very involved. This post says “GNOME has a donor who is interested in supporting financial sustainability for app developers and removing barriers to an inclusive ecosystem. Flathub would like to use these funds to work with a contractor for a short-term project and make steps towards supporting application developers being able to request payments (whether donations or subscriptions).”

edit: reading more of that thread, I see another recent funder (possibly the aforementioned GNOME funder?) is “Endless Network”… inventors of “The World’s First Pay-As-You-Go PC” 🤦

From the description at the link I was thinking that this actually converted snaps into flatpaks, but clicking through to the project’s readme I see it actually only replaces installed snaps with equivalent flatpaks in cases where a flatpak already exists. Still useful I guess, but less wow.

There are currently six companies listed here, but, the important thing is that the flatpak client software can install things from places other than flathub (and the server-side software running flathub is free software).

The snapcraft server-side software is closed source, and even if someone reimplemented it they would also need to fork the snapd client software as the snapcraft URLs are hardcoded and not reconfigurable.

do they make one that doesn’t have any internet connectivity “features”?

their models i just looked at all mention “app control” which sounds like an indicator that you might be denied some important functionality you don’t login with facebook or something like that.

lemmy.ml is still bigger overall, but lemmygrad is more active over the last month