The Climate Crisis

This is an old article but I found out recently that since 1988, 100 companies/organisations are responsible for 71% of all GHG emissions. Apparently half of all emissions were produced by only 25 companies. I keep reading about people asking what we can do to stop climate change and the profound hopelessness on this sub with the sentiment that we're all pretty much doomed (and I'd be inclined to agree, sadly) as well as the almost ubiquitous green-washing that we are all exposed to, designed to guilt us into spending what little money we have on special plastic bags or electric vehicles that, if we all just sacrifice enough, we can turn this cack-show around. Well, the real answer is pretty clear in my opinion, and it isn't putting green stickers on our groceries. These organisations must simply be stopped. You want to make a real difference? Destroy these organisations. Yes, the consequences would be absurd. Energy crises all around. People would die, our standard of living would drop precipitously. But at this rate, it's the only real sacrifice that has any chance to save our planet (and quite literally at least 99% of all known life in the universe) because we aren't far off of it all turning to Venus.

The impacts and solutions of the Climate Crisis

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