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Another interesting quote :

If the United States wants to be certain about its purpose, it should shoot the balloon down and see what is in the sensor package.

There’s measurable increase in public transport ridership when there’s increase in gasoline price.

The US infrastructure in centered around cars indeed, even if that vary widely between locations. So it’ll be difficult to improve. But there’s hope that gasoline price would push people, possibly kicking and screaming, toward public transportation.

Gasoline prices may finally force people to lower the amount of fuel their burn, reduce pollution, while reducing energy dependency.

Too bad that didn’t happen sooner and so many countries waited for a war to focus on reducing wasteful energy use, lowering their dependency on fossil fuel imports.

Sort algorithm when viewing all communities' posts
Hi ! This is a suggestion/thought on the option to show ALL communities posts on Lemmy's homepage. The homepage UI is nice because it provides a single place to view posts from either Local to All instance, it makes the fediverse feel whole. One downside is that, since some instances are much larger than others, the All section is often dominated by posts from a single instance. I don't mind seeing lemmygrad.ml posts, but that seems a bit much. It's good to see a diversity of information/opinions (as opposed to Twitter's bubble). A new sort option would be nice to give better visibility to posts on smaller instances. Maybe tweaking the weight to better account for community size . Let's say the default logic is a function of upvote counts, you'd scale the upvote based on instance size (eg weight=upvotes/sqrt(instance active users)). Edit Lemmy's documentation call this the "score" https://join-lemmy.org/docs/en/about/guide.html#sorting

This may not be enough. Reddit has multiple examples of toxic communities that ended up requiring outside intervention (quarantines, bans).

With Lemmy’s federated nature, we could imagine a tiered moderation system:

  1. Each community moderate their users
  2. Each individual instance moderate/restrict a community if it fails moderation level 1.
  3. Groups of instances (federation) restrict/disconnect from an instance if it fails moderation at level 1+2.