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User level blocking Vs. moderation?
Is there a plan to prevent the issue that a moderator has individually blocked a user, but then is unable to see the posts of that user and moderate them should that become necessary? Maybe there could be a toggle to temporarily disable user blocks for communities one has to moderate?

[The reverse is also available](https://git.mastodont.cat/spla/replicator), but who would want that?

Crossgeposted von: https://community.nicfab.it/post/6556 > Tech companies could be fined $25 million (£18 million) – or ten percent of their global annual revenue – if they don't build suitable mechanisms to scan for child sex abuse material (CSAM) in end-to-end encrypted messages and an amended UK law is passed. > > The proposed update to the Online Safety bill [PDF], currently working its way through Parliament, states that British and foreign providers of a "regulated user-to-user service" must report any shared child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA) content to the country's National Crime Agency.

That would be probably result in an instance ban as it would federate a lot of old posts at once.

I wonder what the license of the models is and what possible copyright implication might be when using a generated voice based on game voice actor 🤔

If you connect to a bouncer probably no need to change. This is anyways an early alpha so you might prefer RevolutionIRC. But just try and see 😆

At least you are not sockpuppeting other accounts to vote for yourself ;)

I did, this works way better on mobile connections and also supports more IRCv3 stuff like chat history.

An earlier plan actually said that they could pay it off on Mars, but people started pointing out that that sounds a lot like indentured servitude if you are stuck on Mars then, although H1-B visa workers for the FAANG in the US can probably tell a story about that as well…

Even a totally transparent social credit system necessarily results in social chilling and internalized self-censorship. There are different opinions on that and some people consider this the only way to have a harmonious society, but I hope we will find a better solution at some point.

I don’t think so. He is the guy that wants to plant a lot of trees.

You mean racism of other Ethiopians towards Tigrayans? Yes, probably.

Hmm, so like a social credit score for the fediverse? Trolling a bit of course, but that seems like it could have a lot of unintended consequences that are rather bad.

I am less optimistic about that. I theory yes, but looking at the way people in the Mastodon federation go about defederating entire instances and any instance that still federates with said instance because they don’t like some specific person’s opinion…

Moderation isn’t really solved by federation, it just makes it harder to get enraged about this single face-less entity that does all the “censorship”. But that doesn’t mean instance moderators are not subject of plenty of accusations of “censorship” and “political bias”.

He is also not really well informed about the current logistical issues.

ICRC is trying to scale up and is currently bringing in about 20 trucks per week (and also airlifting stuff). But there is no fuel in Tigray to transport and distribute the items further and most commercial truck drivers refuse to enter the area.

Ethiopia is also currently experiencing an economic crisis with high inflation and lack of foreign currency which makes it hard to import the needed relief items in high quantities. There is also a lot of local militia still making overland transport a risky endeavor.

But all in all the needs are huge and there is definitely a funding gap to provide the aid needed.

A historic source with some issues but also some good ideas, similar to Marx.

Unlikely but it seems it was sold with an optional 128gb SATA SSD. But even then it might make sense to upgrade to a bigger and somewhat faster SSD, but of course the SATA interface limits that a bit.

While you are at it also replace the hard-drive with a SSD, as that will have a much bigger effect on speed than the RAM upgrade.

No, 2x8GB is the best, or open up the laptop and check the existing 4 GB stick (might even be 2x2GB though) and try to find the same online for 2x4GB setup, as 8GB is basically enough if you don’t run bloatware like Windows.

You can switch to device ID for the drive identifier. That has several advantages and also makes it easier to identify the actual drive.

Yes they both use ActivityPub and are (mostly) compatible.

A custom smiley set might be cool. The icon defininitly would work for that.