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cross-posted from: > This is also by the same think-tank who claimed that in their wargames the US would be able to win a confrontation with China over Taiwan around 2027 so don't get your hopes up that they would be able to connect what the data says for future prognostications.

Note, this guy is actually far right (you can note as he couldn't stop from mentioning "soviet atrocities") hardcore conservatist catholic, to the right of PiS.

Stonetoss is a Nazi cartoonist for context. Of course he probably doesn't understand that the 'lethal aid' money that the USA is sending Ukraine is actually going to the owners of weapons companies in the USA.

*By the results of 2022, Vladimir Zelensky has achieved some unique and mostly tragic milestones. He has succeeded in reducing the population of Ukraine to the level it had 100 years ago, placed his country in the status of indentured servant to the West, and deprived his citizens of the most elementary comforts of modern civilization. What further “successes” can we expect Zelensky to achieve in his current position?*

Is Isntreal shifting away from the US?
New Israeli foreign minister Eli Cohen signaled a policy shift on Ukraine in his 1st speech hinting the new government will take a more pro-Russian line. He said he will speak on Tuesday with Russian FM Lavrov, the first such call since the SMO began. We'll see where this goes. Even as a Palestine supporter, Israeli politicians are known to be very rational and calculating. I personally think that this latest announcement, if followed through on, could be very significant

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