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Error on Ansible
Hello, trying to use Ansible https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy-ansible to install Lemmy on a OVH VPS. - Configured DNS and ping it is ok. - I can reach the server with a sudo user on SSH Installed Ansible on my local machine and follow the steps. When i execute: `$ ansible-playbook -i inventory/hosts lemmy.yml` I have this error (I replaced for this help request real username and real ip address) ``` PLAY [all] ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ TASK [check lemmy_base_dir] ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* skipping: [myuser@myip] TASK [install python for Ansible] ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* fatal: [myuser@myip]: UNREACHABLE! => {"changed": false, "msg": "Failed to connect to the host via ssh: myuser@myip: Permission denied (publickey,password).", "unreachable": true} PLAY RECAP ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ myuser@myip : ok=0 changed=0 unreachable=1 failed=0 skipped=1 rescued=0 ignored=0 ``` What am i missing?

Protect Lemmy against DDOS
Hi, I wonder what are suitable methods to protect a Lemmy instance against DDOS attacks. For example, can we use Cloudflare? Or it could break the federation? Any ideas/suggestions?

Hi all, I have been playing around with notes on getting Lemmy installed from scratch, without using docker or ansible. While these notes have worked for me, there's probably a million iterations of 'better' that could be done to them - I'd consider them a draft at this point. That said, I have used them to create each of Lemmy's components on lemmy.ca. If you do use these, I would recommend sticking to lemmy release versions as the developers state that are likely breaking changes to things like federation in between releases. Also, I'm aware that things like the init scripts need some further work - they're just a starting point for now. If interested, please go ahead and grab https://lemmy.ca/dl/lemmy-resources.tar.gz and have a look at the lemmy-setup-notes.txt file included. There's also example configs for the various component that require them and the aforementioned init scripts. I hope this is useful to someone!

Lemmy & small VPSes
Hi all! For those who are using a very small, limited-RAM VPS (smaller than 4GB), how are you finding keeping Lemmy up to date? I'm doing each component piecemeal, and on my 2GB RAM VPS I couldn't finish lemmy backend's cargo build, just too much RAM required even with 1.5GB of swap (VPS provider is really going to enjoy that, I'm sure) I did the production build on a machine at home and copied the lemmy_server over. Seems to be fine, but... rust or lemmy seem to have some massive resource requirements on the build.

Need help with Lemmy install.
First of all. Your script is awesome. It's so fckn fast and absoluty simple and genius. So i was wondering if some of you guys can help me install the script on my server too? Greets Manuel

Lemmy for my High School Classes? Request for opinions and advice
**TL;DR: Do you think that a self-hosted instance of Lemmy might be usable enough for me to use as a discussion forum for my online classes?** Hi, I'm a HS teacher. Like many schools around the world, mine will be starting the academic year with a distance learning model. I'm looking for a platform to host asynchronous discussions with my students this year. I like the reddit/lemmy model of structured discussion and think it would be very useful for in a distance/asynchronous learning environment. I love the simple lemmy/reddit model of structured discussion for this. It's better than what I've seen in LMS's (flexible, easy to use, etc.) Do you think that Lemmy might be usable enough for me to use as a discussion forum for my classes? I would not be using Lemmy as the main LMS for my class, just as an occasional or ongoing discussion forum. It would be a 'real world' use, so I care about usability and easy onboarding for non-technical users, and of course I don't want my server to break, BUT **the contents would never be mission-critical. ** Disruptions and even full collapse of the site would not be the end of the world. I **would** like the option of using Lemmy for certain kinds of assessment (did you contribute substantively? did you follow the norms of reasonable discussion that we talked about?), but I could totally cope if the worst were to happen... the point is the conversation. **Me:** I'm a redditor with some slightly crufty experience as a linux sysadmin. I expect installation to be possible and documented, but I can troubleshoot, if you'd all be so kind to listen if I get stuck. Once the school year starts I won't have lots of time to invest in maintenance. ** Hosting: ** I'd host this on my own machine at home or (more likely) using a $5-$10 VPS. **Federation:** I would not be planning to take advantage of the 'federated' aspect of Lemmy, at least at the beginning. An isolated site is better for this use case. **Any comments or advice? Has anyone tried Lemmy for classes of students? ** Edit: If I have <150 users and pretty low usage overall, will 4gb of RAM be enough on the server? Would 2gb? ~~ I currently own something like the Value Server [here](https://www.ovhcloud.com/en-ie/vps/compare/) 1 core / 2GB RAM / 40 GB storage? ~~ The Lemmy Install guide doesn't mention specs. Edit 2: I currently have a ** Linode Nanode (1GB: 1 CPU, 25GB Storage, 1GB RAM).** This is certainly too little to run Lemmy, no?

[SOLVED] Trying to set up a development/test instance
looks like the build of diesel failed. I'm using a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04. Which Ubuntu release are y'all using?

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