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That’s a simple relate.

Ukraine has right to self-determination, but Donbass not.

Russia has not the right to make a war, but Ukraine has (against his own people, at Donbass), and USA has too(Iraq, Syria, Vietnam, etc.).

Ukraine can have NATO bases, but Cuba can not have soviet bases?

The Ukrainian war is unacceptable, but Yemen war is OK.

USA Empire has forced this war, using Ukraine as its sacrificial lamb.

Putin is not worse than Biden. And not better than him. Russia is not worse than the USA, and not better. Just power games where the common people loose, on both sides.

Believe in god vs bad speech is just believing in all this bull shit ;-) And going happy to wars where, at last, current people lose their children and their present.

We are not talking about “all things Russia could do better”. Because people are not talking about, for example, all things USA could do better, like not support Yemen war, Syrian war, Libyan war, Somalian war, Israel civil genocides, Iraq war, Afghanistan war, etc.

We are talking about geopolitics. The real reasons. Not the moral reasons that people think (really??) their governments attend.

For Russia:

  1. Bad option: Ukraine invasion, USA Empire sanctions and punishment actions. Finally, Ukraine will be a demilitarized state “supervised” by Russia.

  2. Worse option: Ukraine become a NATO member, USA military bases and army there (do you remember about Russian base in Cuba, and the crazy risk of a nuclear war in the sixties? ), Donbass open war but from a NATO member…

Please, before talk about the Russian evilness, just think about similar actions of USA empire and how the free ( lol ) world has reacted to them ;-)

It’s not a good vs bad guys fight. It’s about geostrategic and world resources’ domination.

That is what USA has forcing, using Ukrainian people as the main losers / victims. Like many times before, the geopolitical game has used its sacrificial lamb, and like many times it has been the common people.

Russia has not started this game. It has been forced by the long term planned scenario where Russia has only a bad option or a worse option to choose.

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Salimos de excursión con el geógrafo y alpinista Eduardo Martínez de Pisón: “La nieve artificial no funciona, muchas estaciones invernales se han vuelto inviables”…

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Collapse, climatic emergency, peak oil, etc…

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