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A mobile client for lemmy - a federated reddit alternative

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You can now grab lemmur from f-droid and the Play store.

If you want to follow lemmur releases/news checkout the repo and/or follow the !lemmur@lemmy.ml community. You can always support the development on Patreon or BuyMeACoffee

PS. We do not flavor our releases: github release tab, fdroid, and play store apks are built from the same source code. Feel free to download lemmur from any place you like.

I removed it because it quit working. Updating it resolved the issue once, but I got tired of it not working.


it was already on f-droid

Meta: aquí parlem de collapse.cat

    En aquesta comunitat parlem de les coses relacionades amb aquest lloc, collapse.cat, una instància de Lemmy, una alternativa lliure i federada de l’estil de Reddit.

    Si teniu dubtes, preguntes o suggeriments, aquest és el lloc per fer-los!

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