Cenforce 100 - A Prescription Medication Used to Treat Impotence in Men

The most common side effect of Cenforce 100 is headache. This is temporary and goes away once your body adjusts to the drug. It’s not uncommon to have red or flushed skin, but this should not be a concern for the average user. The only side effect of …

Tadarise 20

The best way to use Tadarise 20 is to take it as prescribed by your doctor. This drug is not recommended for pregnant women or people under the age of 18. It is not safe for anyone with kidney or liver disease. Also, Tadarise is not safe for people…

Sistema operatiu virtual minimalista

S’inspira en les consoles antigues i la seva forma “natural” és en forma d’emulador en un sistema operatiu com Linux… o en una GameBoy! …

Imagine a personal heating system that works indoors as well as outdoors, can be taken anywhere, requires little energy, and is independent of any infrastructure. It exists – and is hundreds of years old. …

Un documental sobre els efectes de l’especulació en el negoci de la fibra òptica a Catalunya. La història de com un grup de persones de la Ribera d’Ebre ha connectat el territori de forma alternativa i sostenible. …



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