Known should support inbound and outbound ActivityPub, in order to achieve full compatibility with fediverse tools like Mastodon…

Location: Remote position with a strong preference for someone based in the US South …

EFF is seeking a Senior Fellow focused on decentralizing the Internet. This is a two-year fellowship with the potential to be extended for one to two additional years. The ideal candidate will act as a public advocate helping establish EFF as a leader in the civil liberties implications of decentral…

I need some art work for some things, and I’d rather 1) hire someone to make it, 2) ensure it’s released under an open content license. …

[Remote] Research Engineer - Django, 45$ / hr, 12 mo term

Location: Remote Status: Flexible, between 30-40 hours per week…


Looking to exchange labor for money? Post here.

Loose Rules

  • Include location in title if location is important
  • Include description in Post body.
  • Include instructions on how to apply
  • No unpaid / sweat equity / barter
  • reposts from other job boards OK

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