It was pretty clear it was propaganda from the start.


The mighty US military protecting the free world from threats created by rouge states

“Take my breath awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay…”

Gotta love how it always happens when more people don’t feel like signing up in the military.

A lib friend is like “omG u NeeD to WaTch This MovIe!!” Im like “😕🫤yea…uh…maybe…😕” what pisses me off most about this film is that I know how susceptible my friend is to this. He def won’t join the military, but his opinion on them will absolutely change(this is what liberalism does to your brain) I don’t wanna watch this fuckin movie! Can someone send spoilers in case he asks if I saw it? Bc he was gonna make me watch Top Gun but I said I just saw it

Thanks lol, I’m gonna read this and take all of it to heart like it’s Marxist theory just to not watch it

JFC this is worse than I thought, and I expected nothing. They’re shooting down several Su-57s in it? With old-ass F-18s? The synopsis doesn’t say those are Russian pilots, but I haven’t heard of that particular plane even being considered for export.

Terrible, all around terrible.

Arthur Besse

Good twitter thread here claiming the original one saw a 500% boost in Navy applicants (a number claimed numerous other places but which I gave up looking for a source for after a couple minutes). Meanwhile here is the US Naval Institute claiming that, instead of Top Gun, the late 80s enlistment increase should be attributed to increased spending on recruiting (ignoring that some of that money most likely helped subsidize the film), even though there were recruiters in theaters then too and 90% of applicants in some cities had seen it… and therefore concludes implausibly that the new film’s “effect on the service’s recruiting will probably be small at best”.

The original movie was a jingoistic pile of shit and this one seems no different.

Didn’t give a shit about it anyway, can’t wait for Jurassic Park 6 tho.

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