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Suggestion: Add setting to show usernames instead of display names.
I’ve lost count on the number of accounts impersonating Dessalines. Plus, I’d like to easily see what instance a user comes from.

Indeed looks interesting. Their official demo is lackluster but I found some working English-language instances:

From a practical standpoint, this seems like the better alternative to online surveys. I see a lot of those from municipalities, and this seems more open and interactive. Some parts remind me of product forums where people vote on feature suggestions.

Although I have to wonder about who gets to participate in these Decidim instances. Certainly not people who already struggle to use Google, much less use a computer at all. The developers seem to promote it as an all-in-one solution, but it really should be one tool for civic engagement among many.

Depressing stuff. Many homes on my block have video doorbells. I knew that my walks down the block are video recorded, but I didn’t even consider the audio component. Hell, my neighbor’s doorbell camera has not only recorded every time I’ve headed out the door, but also every conversation I’ve had with my partner on the way out.

> Ashraf al-Nimer said the Ukrainian community is the largest foreign community in the Gaza Strip. “Most of those have already experienced the four Israeli major attacks on the Strip and know the meaning and feeling of war. So they know what their families back in Ukraine are going through,” he told MEE. cross-posted from: https://midwest.social/post/104671

I will add that erotic literature could be much easier to host and moderate, escaping liability. I would be very interested to see an ero-lit Lemmy instance.

Additionally, with a slightly higher level of moderation, I could see an easy time hosting erotic audio. With even more moderation, perhaps erotic, non-photogrpahic, visual art could also be hosted with relative ease.

I’m basing these assumptions on a US perspective, with the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act of 1988. Others can chime in if I’m wrong or if liability differs in other countries.

I probably need one. I know there are different types, but how long did your sleep study take?

I assume there isn’t any serviceable public transportation and biking is not feasible?

Short-term leasing is a possible option. Many car rental businesses may accomodate this, including some online ones. I haven’t done it myself so I cannot comment on it.

When the alternative is not making income, I’d have to agree that a car might be necessary. It sucks to say that! Although I bet that many carpentry and plumbing employers may provide a work vehicle.

As an aside, I’d absolutely love to see a plumber arrive on a cargo bike.

I wish there was a way to filter out reddit drama here. My answer is no.

You can run your own server. It would not cost much relative to many other server applications. To my knowledge, nothing about the Lemmy software or its federation is designed to be hostile to pornography.

On the other hand, moderating pornography is laborious and hosting it becomes a legal liability. These are the major obstacles and they aren’t really Lemmy’s fault. It’s just cold hard reality that’s in the way.

I found that a possible solution is to use links with relative URLs. So to link to a community and have it work for all users (local and federated), one can write:

[Hello world](/c/announcements@lemmy.ml)

Try it out: !announcements@lemmy.ml

That way, users would be led to the community while staying on their instance. The next problem is that federated communities have to be manually fetched, so that link may lead to a 404 error unless someone else on the same instance has already fetched the community.

It isn’t a flawless solution at the moment but relative linking can work.

Fetching communities from other communities has been discussed previously on !lemmy_support@lemmy.ml: https://beehaw.org/post/8316

There’s a possible solution, which is an open issue on Lemmy’s repository.

Paging @dessalines@lemmy.ml – I also think there’s a potential improvement for cross-instance links.

There’s already a right-wing Lemmy instance that I don’t care to name, though they seem to welcome conspiracy theorists.

Cyborg and i386 use darker shades for upvoted/downvoted buttons, dark enough for me tell them apart from the unvoted buttons. Although the contrast still isn’t great and they each introduce more color contrast problems.

Using non-default themes actually brings me to another issue: Lemmy sometimes resets to the default theme after navigating to a different page. I can’t reproduce the issue on desktop, but it happens to me in Firefox Android. I’m wondering if it has to do with my browser theme (manually set to “light”) or another setting I changed.

Accessibility: Difficult to determine if I have voted on certain comments, posts in default theme
I’ve set up my devices so they don’t display any colors, for [mental health](https://www.researchgate.net/publication/340421051_True_colors_Grayscale_setting_reduces_screen_time_in_college_students) reasons. Lemmy’s default theme performs well in black-and-white but it’s difficult to figure out if I already upvoted something. The arrows in the upvote and downvote buttons change shades after selecting them but the difference is practically imperceptible. I’m hoping that upvote and downvote buttons could be made more accessible to color-blind users. Here’s a very rough sketch of a possible solution where the whole button element changes color: ![Two Lemmy posts, where the upvoted post shows an arrow outlined in blue.](https://midwest.social/pictrs/image/bda6db6a-7e62-4bd7-8927-59b7d5da7c5f.png) I would deeply appreciate an improvement to this issue. Thanks for keeping Lemmy accessible.

Is there a way for an instance to only fetch a list of federated communities? I understand that automatically fetching all content from all linked instances would overload server resources. Although I wish federated communities could be listed in the Communities page without necessarily fetching their content.

Discovering federated communities could be smoother and more intuitive, as this user recently expressed. It could be also less time-consuming, since the current method usually requires visiting every linked instance first.

Follow-up: Are there plans to make this process automatic? I can’t find a relevant open issue in the main repository.

For those who want to self-host or sync cross-platform, NewsBlur has a similar feature.

Not the case for my credit union, but other credit unions do charge a fee when transferring to an external account. It depends.

Good to note that MetaGer is a metasearch engine and they use Bing, just like DuckDuckGo.

I like using them as a backup to DuckDuckGo (especially since they have an onionsite) but I’m still a little salty that they implemented advertising without specifying it in their privacy policy. They apparently fixed it last year though.

I like Dostoevsky but please no joke bots. They interrupt even the best of discussions.

I think bots should be opt-in for each community and decided upon by moderators. In practice, users could lobby their moderators to allow for a certain bot.

[Headline from [*The Record*](https://therecord.media/tor-project-sees-decline-in-server-numbers-will-offer-rewards-for-new-bridge-operators/).]

> Before we describe [our new subscription plan lineup] to you, it's important to note that if you already have a pre-existing subscription, these changes or prices do not affect you. Existing subscribers are always taken care of. > > […] > > We often get the feedback that some users want only one particular feature, and don't want to pay for the whole offering. > > Our new subscription system consists of 3 different plans that each cater to a different use case. They are, at a glance: > > The Core Plan ($29/year) > > Some editors, some themes, 2FA, and 30-day note history. > > The Plus Plan ($79/year) > > Most editors, most themes, and cloud services like email backups and 1-year note history. > > The Pro Plan ($119/year) > > All editors, TokenVault, Spreadsheets, all themes, all cloud services, and unlimited note history.