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Ukraine really is just 4chan the country, huh

I make sure to remind people of this frequently while talking about institutions beloved by liberals during this period.

The US government not having a national curriculum for education means it’s entirely up to states to decide what they teach their students. And because schools get funding based on how likely it is for a college to accept one of their students (which is determined via sports and testing) the curriculum becomes nothing more than a testing meat grinder.

All of the biases students are taught are subject to the voting habits of the voting population of that state. If the voters put a fascist into the governor’s position, the Commissioner of Education will be whoever they want it to be. And that commissioner can teach students whatever they want, as it’s an unelected position and they only have to answer to the governor. US schools are capitalism factories, because the US is a capitalism factory.

In Texas, in order to graduate you have to take a class that quite literally teaches Texan Nationalism. I took it in 7th grade and it was so mind-numbingly boring.

Sorry about this person, comrades. They’re a nazi who we’ve banned three times now, but they keep making new accounts with the exact same name only with a number added.

They came to fight Russia, but they ended up just fighting their own mortality and privilege.

it’s almost like it’s actually just one party, and the whole bipartisanship thing is just smoke and mirrors.

A casualty is defined as any injury, regardless of severity, that makes a soldier unable to fight.

Technically speaking, if a person stubbed their toe hard enough and they lose their ability to walk for a while, they’d be considered a casualty.

it would be nice if it specified if “losses” meant casualties or deaths. (no they aren’t the same)

What CaptCalhoun said, but I’ll add that there’s suspicion that the WH are actually just a propaganda wing of ISIS/ISIL, who use humanitarian work to convert people into followers of their cause. With how the internet is, it’s really hard to find sources that you saw years ago and didn’t save, but I remember seeing some pictures where white helmets were matched up with identical pictures of themselves in ISIS/ISIL brigades.

Which, should that be true, would make it make total sense that they’d be reaching out to Ukraine. Before long we might start seeing Azov doing hearts and minds campaigns in the same way WH does.

the second world war was a major boon to the US economy, the only guess I have at their intentions is that. They intend to get into another massive war, so they can regain financial control over the rebuilding of Europe, and restore the crippled US dollar. I’m just throwing out a wild guess tho, i could easily be wrong.

'NATO's war in Ukraine' is expanding to include all of NATO's current hostile activities.
I made this community before Russia's invasion of Ukraine as a place to post headlines and discuss the rising tensions. With the war in Ukraine slowing down, I feel it's a good time to open the community up to discussions about the other theatres NATO is pushing itself into. Please feel free to post about the wide range of conflicts NATO's engaged in, and their subversive actions against global peace and the legal governments and hegemony of Russia and China.

Th…That’s not blackmailing? Russia demanding to be paid for their fossil fuels in their currency isn’t blackmail. Europe’s really grasping for a reason to fight against this.

It seems there are a few people who will downvote anything posted on this community, simply because we don’t tell the western narative.

full build-up towards dogmatic fascism goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

meanwhile Liberals are slurping all of this up and defending it. How long until they suggest parties that oppose other western governments be banned too? How long until PSL or CPA get banned in the US because they’ve taken a nuanced stance on the war?

There’s an important distinction to make; Following WWII with the advent of nuclear weapons, NATO had a series of debates spanning decades, that has resulted in its modern warfare doctrine. NATO’s troops (and the troops they trained) are really only scouts, their main goal in combat is to mark the positions of enemies so tanks, helicopters, jets, etc. can do the real attacking.

Since Russia has dominated Ukraine’s skies, NATO’s trained troops are missing a massive element of what they’re intended for, so they’re practically useless.

I’m gonna piggy back on this. I often like to go to sites and search for political terms, just to see how different competing sites are. If you search for “communism” on Amazon, most of your results are anti-communist, where as on Ali it’s hard to find anything anti-communist. On Amazon if you read the reviews on communist books or flags, for instance, you’ll see a lot of the reviews are from anti-communists. Whereas if you read the reviews from anti-communist or NATO backed flags or books (or what have you) on Ali, most of the reviews are pro-communist or anti-NATO.

Amazon and Ali harbour entirely different cultures, and their core demographics are totally different geopolitically. So, for communists, Ali really is the best place to find political stuff.

Azov are a state-sanctioned battalion in the National Guard of Ukraine, who have been awarded medals for their “heroism” and have received training from NATO’s advisors. Their actions against Ukrainian civilians were not denounced by Zelensky’s government, nor by military officials, making it the government’s problem.

If the Azov weren’t acting under orders, then I’d hope what’s left of Ukraine’s government (or the government that takes power after the war, depending on the outcome) holds trials for the field commanders who ordered the murder of innocent Ukrainian civilians. If they were acting under orders, then I hope the higher-ups who ordered it get tried too. Regardless, someone committed a war crime, and they deserve punishment.

I feel like your reasoning to disregard me is flawed at best. It doesn’t matter if my account is from lemmy.ml or lemmygrad.ml, that’s why we federate, so instances can participate with each other’s content.

As well, my comment was asking for more information because “is lemmy.ml approving war on Ukraine” isn’t enough information for people to know what exactly you want to be answered. Do you want to know how the community on lemmy.ml feels about the war? do you want to know the official admin/dev stance on the war? Are you wanting to know if people are supportive of the war itself, or a faction of the war? Is the inverse of that question what you want, to know if people are against the war in its entirety, or just against a faction? You didn’t clarify that at all. Also the body text “Should it be shut down a few months if it is ?” is nonsensical. What do you mean by “shut down”, why would you think it needed to be “shut down”? Again, not enough information for an answer.

This post likely did poorly because you didn’t provide the information people need to know what you needed from them, my comment getting 5 upvotes (that are visible to me, sometimes federation is weird about not showing votes. also with mine subtracted from the total) proves that people agreed that you failed to provide information.

Help me find footage of the war from Russia's perspective
I feel like I'm being smothered by Ukrainian footage when I try to find videos from the frontlines. This could, of course, be part of OpSec and I'll fully accept that. But being able to see what's going on, and not have it be over the shoulder of the side I'm rooting to lose would be - at the least - nice.