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It’s difficult not to empathize with the civilians this leaves behind but man, zelensky, just surrender… I said this when the war started and I’m saying it again, he’s holding for what exactly? Personal pride? Just surrender and move on. All of this could have been avoided.

I don’t know what to add that has not been said before, in this thread or elsewhere. But this line was the one that made me want to write a comment:

“It was like a rollercoaster,” Tobias’ daughter, Luna, told me when I reached her by phone. “Always waiting for messages to know if he was okay.”

Tobias went to Ukraine because he saw a girl his daughter’s age carrying an AK in Kiev, and that made him want to enlist. But for what? He left his daughter behind, he might die in Ukraine and leave his daughter an orphan, for an unknown woman he saw on TV that reminded him of his daughter? But you have a daughter right here, at home, that needs you.

Ukraine is not your fight.

I don’t understand what the chain gets out of this rather than just developing an app on a screen?

They’re bombing because Ukraine is bombing civilians in Russian villages on the border, they said they would do this if Ukraine didn’t stop

Lol, I’m also tall and I tend to slouch a bit because I want to be on other people’s level. I think we just have to accept that we’re taller and stand up straight, I have to remind myself.

This might seem petty bourgeois and tell me if you think it is, but I started ordering my groceries over (not from the gig economy but from the chains themselves who use the national postal service to deliver) and I have never moved back. I started doing it because I got into a situation where I did not have my driver’s license at the time and lived in a so-called “bedroom town” with no amenities, and this was the only realistic option.

I have only had benefits from getting my groceries delivered. I get to keep an eye on my budget, I’ve reduced impulsive purchases, it’s freeing up a lot of time that I would otherwise spend waiting in line or navigating the store. I understand that I’m depending on the labour of others to deliver food that I could go get myself but I also think this is freeing and reduces labour (no word on how the deliverers, who work in the afternoons and evenings, manage their own grocery shopping and this would definitely need to be clarified). In this way I’m reminded of Kollontai’s Family and communism about socialised labour.

It also prevents me from taking the car out just to get groceries for myself, although I don’t know if their minivan (they deliver idk how many homes in one trip) is more efficient.

So yeah definitely recommend getting deliveries instead of actually going into stores.

George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia

Orwell was a colonial cop who later on kept a list of “crypto-communists” and “anti-white” personalities that he gave to the British gov. It’s come to a point where there are serious allegations he was an informant even during his time in Catalonia. That’s the kind of thing I mean by siding with the bourgeoisie. But I am not talking about the Spanish revolution, I am talking about you as an anarchist in this comment section, and more generally all anarchists I’ve met.

I appreciate that. I was simply pointing out that your articles are very poor: either no sources or very shaky sources. You could do a better propaganda job if you put your heart to it

What sources should we have decrying anarchism as what it really is? Any marxist analysis of anarchism will ultimately lead to that same conclusion, quoting someone about it would only be a formality. This backhanded compliment does not faze me or any of our editors; we are not here to appeal to anarchists, we are here as a proletarian encyclopedia. We are a handful of volunteer editors and do not have the means Wikipedia (which you seem to be fond of) has, nor do we claim to. Our recent changes page is filled with edits every day, we’ll get around to adding things to the article on anarchism when we get to it. Decrying it as imperfect and thus faulty does not solve anything; it is better to publish something viable than not publish at all.

Here is the link you were interested in:

anarchists siding with the bourgeoisie against the mean tankies, what else is new? prolewiki is a proletarian encyclopedia, we do not hide the fact that we are marxist-leninists and that we reject anarchism as a petty-bourgeois, counter-revolutionary ideology. You are free to make your anarchist encyclopedia if you want to.

Edit: Zapatistas are not anarchists, and they have been saying that for decades. I know anarchists have nothing else to cling to, but it’s really appropriating to have them keep claiming the Zapatistas are anarchists when the movement themselves have had to put out press releases and articles explaining to please stop calling them anarchist.

You are what I expect someone who calls themselves a wikipedia editor to be lol. Cheers.

lmao okay defend the Ayn Rand libertarian website if you want, what do you want me to tell you?

Are you white and male by chance?

Wikipedia is not volunteer run… They’re using language to make it seem like it’s a little website with a dream being bullied by the mean Russians. Wikipedia is run by its administrators, who do not let anyone else encroach on their power. 3 editors are responsible for most edits (I want to say 90%). Famously there is one editor that edits from 6 am to 10pm every day without fail (mostly pro war edits) , and the most prolific editor worked as a TSA and ICE agent terrorizing migrants.

I am very interested in where these foreign fighters in Ukraine are getting paid though. They are “volunteers” on paper.

Yeah, that’s a very important question. There’s also NGOs now that help them get to Ukraine (not necessarily in fighting roles though, they’re also connecting volunteers for civilian and refugee support).

You can read the UN text here: 08-54 AM/Ch_XVIII_6p.pdf (english version starts on page 19), there’s a whole bunch of conditions (that must all be met as I understand it), but the one that comes back the most is essentially about money.

out of respect for our built-in cringe-o-meter, please do not channel your inner haz within 100 feet of lemmygrad. The cardboard it was built from almost broke apart just pointing it at his twitter.

Possibly. But let’s get some perspective too, the two t-shirts you pulled are from the same seller and only 1 unit was ever sold. Those are the only two items on the website when you search for blackface, it’s hardly a widespread problem. Regardless I was able to report the items directly to ali and we’ll see if anything comes out of it. Moreover, Amazon sellers are usually just aliexpress resellers, except their items are 3x more expensive. Amazon is just being a middleman for aliexpress (with the added benefit, perhaps, that your items arrive sooner though I’ve had very good delivery times on ali).

The child did not die in an Alibaba factory but in a seller’s that sells on the platform, as alibaba and aliexpress are just marketplaces.

which is not exactly sounding like a workers’ utopia.

Nobody is saying China is a worker’s utopia.

things like Fairmondo are out there.

Only available in Germany though.

Consumers are not responsible for climate change, and reading the vice article was somewhat funny because now UK retailers that have been racing to the bottom are, once again, being outraced by China and crying about it. They created this commodification (or rather capitalism did, and they were the mere vectors), and now they can’t stop it. While we are in capitalism, as workers we will partake in it. The only way to stop the climate crisis is revolution, but until then there will be online retailers, there will be giants, and there will be labour exploitation.

The war crimes of Zelensky: trying to make a list
  • Armed civilians without giving them a uniform. Breach of Geneva Conventions
  • Ukrainian special forces command said Russian artillerymen will no longer be taken prisoner and will “all be killed for being complicit in criminal orders”. Killing surrendering …

NATO's goal (and by extension the imperialist masters) is to starve Russia out

With the war, they believe they finally have that opportunity to strike at Russia like they have been wanting to for hundreds of years now. …