Anyone that claims to speak on behalf of the universe is either a liar or a fool

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I blocked their sub about dongs and it seems to have been enough.

Maybe if you haven’t yet installed a dosplay manager but to to remove it after its installed is kinda dumb.

Not to mention someone could just crash your xorg session and still be logged in to your account.

Yeah if you dont configure it properly. Ive never actually know anyone get locked out by fail2ban

It really isn’t. If you’re already an Ubuntu user you can just reinstall all your applications and preserve your home directory.

Switching to an entirely different packaging ecosystem (especially RPMs, bleh) seems like a lot more of a leap rather than restoring your previous desktop on a Debian install.

Switching from Ubuntu to something like pop or mint is at best a lateral move in terms of usability, unless you’re totally inept at restoring your own dotfiles. Any Ubuntu user that is getting fed up with stuff like snap should have enough knowledge of Linux to be able to switch to Debian without issue.

If pop or mint have anything else over Debian other than noobie usability, I’d love to hear about them.

If you get locked out by your own fail2ban rules then you’ve probably forgotten your password.

Not to mentionyoull probably be able to get control back using your hosts console.

Not really. Especially the antivirus. Its pretty easy to avoid such things by not installing any untrusted aoftware. Not to mentionitf youd likely be ransomwared before you detectedanhthing.

But hosting publicly facing services is always a risk.

Also try to set it up without installing sudo , which will eliminate a lot of privilege escalationvulnerabilities.

Why do Ubuntu users who get fedupp with canonicals bs seem to choose something like fedora when they could just go with Debian and have it be nearly the same just without the stupid bloat.

Same here. Yes battery life suffers when running multiple profiles but that is a meaningless argument since any other device would be affected the same. Just don’t keep the second profile running if you’re not using it.

I have seen no other battery life issues with graphene. It is solid.

I keep my old phone in my car and use it as a dedicated media player/GPS that tethers to my active phone when it’s in range.

Also use it for car diagnostics with a Bluetooth obd2 scanner.

Really? Liberals have enough soap boxes, they can surely pay for another if they want it.

I do dig the idea of more general purpose instances tho, as long as they keep up on spam mitigation.

I asked this question when I first made a account and was told to start my own instance and dont include them in my list of federated instances.

I have yet to do that and have since just blocked genz dongs and call out bs when it leaks out into other lemmygrad cummunities

I had to put it on the blocklist because it filled my Lemmy feed with a bunch of terrible memes. The reddit bridge was a mistake and tankies are cringe, even if they have a rare good take.

I dont care as long as reddit dies