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Haven’t tried it myself, but another cool way is to send images and other files to your phone as attachments to a notification:


Yes, Google and Apple each have their own preferences in breaching the user’s privacy. Like, Google loves targeted ads while Apple wishes to know your location whenever

Steam solves the “problem” by making a shared library accessible for only one user at a time. But I guess you can still meet up & play or watch together

Ads have no right be as invasive as they are. So ads, and only ads, are to blame.

I’ve always turned autocorrect off before I could even get used to it.

It sure is tempting to type quicker on a virtual keyboard, but I still prefer typing out words letter by letter, mainly bc I find typing suggestions distracting.

A physical keyboard might be a better way to save time while not losing your spelling skills.

The irony is that the company uses data from Crisis Text Line to make their customer support more “empathetic”.

this comment has not been deleted & counts

i3 window manager in Linux is super minimalistic

Don't count deleted comments
I clicked on a post with 2 comments, only to see that both are by someone who has been banned + their comments deleted. So my minor suggestion is to make it known that a comment has been deleted, but not to include it in the count anymore.

Credit cards are to be avoided, unless you want to put a name on your transaction, which you usually don’t

There must have been a reason – let’s ask the person who decided this

In that case, why not keep the only special character allowed

You would have to ban more than just the hyphen, so might as well leave it as is

Also, using Discord and the like makes an otherwise good FOSS project lose credibility

“Here you go, darling. Take this hot mess & enjoy!”

I wish I’d never have to update anything… the update frequency is too damn high at this point