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Manufacturing 50k of item ‘A’ but only 5k of item ‘B’ means you can sell item ‘A’ for less because of lower manufacturing costs?

Fedora Sellout
I never bother with themes and such so I typically use whatever Fedora serves up. I am having trouble seeing the current FW36 iteration of GTK themes so thought I'd look for an altenative. I wandered into Settings/Appearance and was shocked to see the Ukraine colors in the default backgrounds. My first notice of IBM starting to flex their control.

The US government would have been perfectly happy with Hitler and a facsist Eastern Europe. Henry Ford would have given him the trucks to make the job easier. When AH invaded Western Europe, he turned public opinion against him.

When Bloomberg quits carrying the US narrative bucket, you’ve got problems.

The very first thing that popped into my mind when reading the title was this was going to be another rich people eating babies story. Not sure if that is a reflection on me or the current state of society.

Let’s see what RT America has to say about YT censorship…what?..really? OK, I’ll just listen to Lee Camp on Spotify…what’s that you say?..bummer. What?..watch the Young Turks’ channel?..I’ll pass, I hate when my ears bleed.

Needs a ball and chain labeled Student Loan Debt.

Everyone needs to read, or reread, their Philip K. Dick anthologies to see how this all turns out.

See our hottest selling line of kevlar bibs. Be a responsible parent and protect your infant from drive-bys. For your pre-teens, we also carry a full line of Disney themed bulletproof vests for school and play. [I wonder how many countries have “drive-by” as part of their lexicon?]

I’ve been trying to think of something good the US is doing in the world but I’ll damned if I can come up with anything.

The obvious solution is to raise the minimum wage to a livable one and include an annual cost of living adjustment.

A bunch of young people with a “nothing to lose” attitude should be scaring governments a lot more than it is. If apathy ever turns to mass anger then watch out. It’ll be as we said in the 60s (but traded in for minivans), Burn-Baby-Burn!

There is a mass shooting that leads to calls for more police funding. There are then more mass shootings that the police do not stop so more calls for even more funding. The more shootings the more money for the police. I think the people of the USA are being gaslit.

I thought they were making fun of the Azov Batallion surrendering.

Other countries: Go to a wedding get blown up by a US drone. Go to the funeral for those killed at the wedding get blown up by a US drone. Reporters at the scene of the drone strike get shot from US helicoters. US likes to spread their crazy.