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Feature request: preview images from image posts on mastodon like they're an image gallery rather than serving a browser link
Let's say you're on reddit and someone posts an imgur gallery, from an app like Boost you can view and browse that album without leaving boost. But if I post a link to a mastodon toot that has 4 images, and I click the post in jerboa it will instead open a new window into the actual mastodon page. I've argued for the value of "post once distribute everywhere" but if that paradigm isn't right for the fediverse at the very least the ux for linking mastodon image posts could be improved. Instead of posting once distributing everywhere it would be at least possible to post once and then link everywhere. (this doesn't fix issues like trying to get stuff like pixelfed working but it's worth a thought)

I think opt-in algorithmic/viral design would be nice. Sometimes I like having a neural network tell me what posts I might be interested in.

A decade ago I was on rss feeds all the way. But over time I followed so many people it became very hard to get through all the content in a day. Having an algo help push stuff tk the top was a value add for me. Yes advertisers distort this stuff which is why it should be opt in and should have extensive levers for the user to control.

India has ongoing ideological differences with China though, no? Modi doesn’t seem very friendly to China from what I’ve seen.

Before the entire earth had been settled, a person could be a vagrant and simply go and live out in the wild. I could see this being acceptable if that’s what people want. Hermits have a long history in human society. As long as they aren’t hurting anyone I don’t see why they shouldn’t be allowed the space they want to camp.

Yeah but I also want to share specific communities. I’m in a bunch of coops and union focused groups on facebook so I’ve been trying to get people to join lemmy and contribute their links. People who run cooperative economy programs that might be interested in letting people know about grants and stuff, but I think they’re put off at least in part by the friction of linking them etc.

Any thoughts on how Solid could be used in the Fediverse?
Tim Berner Lee has been working on this project called Solid. I'm a technically minded designer but still a designer and I don't have a real solid grasp on what Solid does, other than as I understand it it's a protocol to allow a User to go from website to website and share their data while keeping it on their system... or something like that? Nextcloud recently announced Solid integration: https://nextcloud.com/blog/decentralize-the-cloud-with-fast-deployment-and-easy-backup/ Thoughts?

I wonder if Solid could be used to deal with federated ID?

I think most people think of Big Biz when they think of capitalism, but in my mnd, it is a world mostly full of small businesses and mostly devoid of businesses with over 100 employees.

The only problem with this, is that it is objectively false: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/big-business-is-getting-bigger/

Concentration of ownership in business is at highs we haven’t seen since the Gilded Age. That isn’t even an opinion, it’s a measurable fact.

I don’t think you’re really understanding what people mean when they talk about “capitalism”. Capitalism isn’t simply “big business” or “small business” or even “government versus business”, because Capitalism is enforced and upheld by Government. Here is a short video by an economics professor that might help clarify what leftists mean when they talk about “capitalism”


I think of Biden as Left, but what degree is he?

You might consider him left but Leftists, or at least the kind of people who self identify as Leftists on Lemmy would disagree with you strongly.

But, I also think conglomerates and other BIGGG players (central banks, IMF, WEF) are controlling or heavily influencing the left and right. They bait the Left and Right and the fools take the bait. They divide and conquer and are a bit outside of that Left or Right box.

No, the IMF, central banks, and WEF are capitalists. They are right wing. They are exactly what Leftists oppose. They are not outside of divide between Left and Right. They ARE the basis of opposition. You are literally complaining about Capitalism.

I mean traditionally the people who were techies have generally been “middle of the road Libertarian minded people”. Just look at the founding of the EFF.

I grew up very conservative and then became libertarian, and now I’m anarchist/socialist. I think a lot of people have had a similar journey as me in tech. Increasingly more and more tech people are waking up to the ways they’re being shafted by their bosses and they aren’t happy with it.

In the 90s it was easy to believe in a utopian sort of capitalism. The USSR had just fallen, jobs were booming, and even after the dotcom crash, most engineers were well paid even if they weren’t particularly good at their job.

But code boot camps, machine learning, outsourcing, the corporate harvesting of open source, have all put greater pressure on the average techie. This is why there’s so much backlash against Elon Musk, because people are starting to get tired and see through the schtick. Techno utopianism has worn thin. Where’s my mfing flying car?!

And in addition to that, when Trump was elected, a lot of anti-racist libertarians looked around and realized how many of their “libertarian” friends who ranted all the time about “State’s Rights” were really just white supremacist chucklefucks. The Libertarian movement online has split. A lot of people went one way or the other.

I’ve never been on Parler and fear the tyranny of “the Left” as much as that of “the Right”.

My only issue with this is that the Left, at least in America has no power. Who is “the Left” to you? Biden? Biden is not really very Left at all. AOC? She has a platform and no power. Are you afraid of Spotify kicking Rogan off their platform? Spotify the capitalist tech monopolist that rips off artists?

Leftists in America are basically powerless fringe weirdos.

Whereas right wingers are literally most of our government. And they have drones and they kill people with those drones.

That’s a fair point but I think it’s important to create some clear distinctions here in how this these software projects are analyzed and compared.

lemmy.ml is a left leaning community. There is nothing about lemmy itself, it’s design or implementation that make it left leaning inherently. If a right winger wanted to start a lemmy instance they could.

But linking a reddit post is a link to a reddit post and doesn’t display the content from the reddit post inline.

What I’m proposing is that if you link a reddit post, you would be able to see the content of the post without going to reddit.

What is Minds? I’ve never heard of that one.

Similar to this but I think it might be interesting to support crossposting from reddit in an inline fashion. There’s a lot of content that could just be skimmed off reddit. But part of the problem is that reddit has been pushing people to use their built in uploading service which means that a lot of stuff doesn’t get proper attribution to the OC OP

the bottomline here is that facebook is surviving solely on groups since all communities moved to facebook due to the user availability from back when it was “the place on the internet to be”.

Yeah I also think it’s a matter of groups are the only way to really scale a social media service.

Humans have baggage. They come with a certain level of social toxicity. Any community has to deal with this. Dunbars number and all that jazz.

Facebook tries to get around it by using machine learning moderation, and paying people but this isn’t a scalable solution. Trolls can always produce more filth, and the pay and work conditions of the FB moderators is famously a black eye on their public image and make them look bad. And the AI moderation simply doesn’t work, isn’t smart enough.

So the only real solution is (and has always been) self moderation. Communities have to self moderate, build norms, enforce those norms etc.

all of above, which, if you consider it, there is an actual fediverse competitor, and that competitor is mastodon. it offers everything that users came to facebook (and twitter) for, except for groups. the survival of facebook remains because of users, of course. but as they are slowly digging their own grave for the sake of ads, mastodon stands to gain. the main issue with mastodon and the fediverse is the lack of means to profit as a user, which has also become the expected norm of the internet. users expect to be able to profit form their content, and mastodon (and lemmy) is designed to prevent that as it is designed to prevent ads and exposure of that kind. so it’s a bit of a dilemma. it has nearly all the best parts of classic online communities and communication, but the audience is no longer interested because of the change in narrative and profits being more highlighted than ever in the minds of most. no one does anything for free anymore.

Yeah I hate to say it but there’s a part of me that wonders if allowing instances to run ads should be something enabled by these platforms. After all, even prior to social media the internet has pretty much always been largely sustained by ads. Blogs, flash game portals… I mean Homestarrunner was unusual in it’s day for not having ads. Do I wish we didn’t have ads? Yes. But also I can see how it might simply be the nature of the beast.

I just recently learned about Friendica which is basically a Facebook alternative. It’s neat!

No you’ve basically got it right. Foss is about expanding common property. Nfts are about expanding private property.

Problem is I don’t think mastodon is really a good format for groups. Lemmy is better because it actually has something you can subscribe to (and Facebook groups is basically just Facebook copying reddit these days).

An actual fediverse Facebook competitor is sorely needed but I have yet to see one. Lemmy is the closest.

EDIT: oh I missed the comment saying mastodon is getting groups. Interesting.

It’s cool but their ux is hot garbo

on basis do you say that?

Are you under the impression that Tyler Durden is the hero of the book or something?

Disagree on ui and aesthetics. Signal is nice and lean. Very little cruft.

All depends on your threat model though. Are you afraid of the security state, surveillance capitalism, or your local PD. Very different threat models, very different needs.

right yeah I figured as much. I don’t know if there really is a way to do multi device with p2p.