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These weather balloons fly very high so a missile is about the only way to reach it. And you can be sure that the US government will never admit that it was a weather balloon, because then it would be obvious that they are lying.

I would rather call them useful idiots of US neocolonialism. Or puppets, if they get paid for it.

Ukrainian troops have been selling weapon systems to Donbass/Russia for a long time, probably since the start of the war in 2014. And this is obviously not allowed by the military leadership, but done by frontline units on their own. Sure the “actual price” is higher, but its not like they have a lot of buyers to choose from. And for the poorest country in Europe, thats a huge amount of money.

These new systems will allow Ukraine to target Russian cities. And they will certainly do that, because killing civilians is the only thing Ukraine military is good at.

Inflation has nothing to do with the war, it already started much earlier. The main reason is that central banks are printing endless money for years now, and more money with same amount of products means things get more expensive. Sanctions also have an effect, but these were obviously not introduced by Russia.

Nothing to see here, just offloading some outdated equipment in return for new NATO gear.

True, but despite this internal collapse, the country is still powerful internationally. I cant wait for that dominance to end.

Sounds like that country is already back to the middle ages. Just collapse already.

There hasnt been a single case of anyone being hurt based on wikileaks documents. So this is just an excuse for attacks on freedom of press.

Most “journalists” are at zero risk because they just parrot what their governments say.

So youre saying the Pentagon is lying? That wouldnt surprise me.

I also watched that and found it so much worse than the original version. Makes all the flaws (eg makeup) completely stand out.

Interesting. Where did you get this information?

One country lobbying politicians in another is definitely foreign meddling, and would be completely forbidden if Pakistan did it in the u.s. Where do you get the idea that China “bought” the Pakistani military? As far as I know, they are generally pro-us.

Who negotiated what in Afghanistan? The Taliban won the war and gained control of the state, it wasnt a matter of negotiation.

The u.s. has no right to decide who rules in another country.

When you dont have any arguments, just call it conspiracy theory. No one can disagree with that!

Is there any single picture or video of these alleged dead people? Otherwise its impossible to believe, because Ukraine propaganda pumps out so many lies every day.

Russias goal was always the demilitarisation and denazification of Ukraine. There were no details what that means for the future of Ukraine, so it will definitely be interesting what happens in the next weeks.