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My work seems to block lemmy.ml but not pornhub
I suspect it's that they block all .ml instances. Fb also blocks lemmy.ml but not midwest.social Potentially a good reason to use other instances?

Search function cannot specify which sublemmy to search
I select c/asklemmy and search my term and it returns results for all of lemmy.

What's your opinion on people who use cryptocurrency?
Pretend you meet a random person and they tell you they use cryptocurrency. What's your opinion on that person based off that statement alone?

An Ayn Rand (libertarianism) fan on Lemmy.ml? Srs question, do you find all the communists and left-anarchists here annoying?

Rule 2 suggestion
Not that this is that important, but it could be clarified to say: "Be respectful. Everyone should feel welcome here. Besides bigots." Given how offended people became over the "Lemmy.ml is an antifa instance post", that may be helpful

Finally someone else who understands private property (Lemmy.ml) can mostly set its own speech rules!

Would you be willing to pay more taxes for socialism?
I was told growing up that I won't like socialism once I have to start paying taxes. I pay taxes, but would much rather pay way more taxes to have socialism. Including paying for social programs I wouldn't use like welfare, free tuition etc. Once I qualified for work pharmacare that was great! But I remember how much it sucked not having any health insurance. Yeah I bootstrapped it, but I'd hope we would grow up as a species and not have to have so much bootstrapping, since there are better ways at this point.

Subreddits about the russo-ukraine conflict
https://libredd.it/r/UkraineWarFootage/ https://libredd.it/r/UkrainianConflict/ --- https://www.reddit.com/r/UkraineWarFootage/ https://www.reddit.com/r/UkrainianConflict/

Favorite podcast / mostly-audio-uploader?
Describe what the podcast is about. Not music streamers.

The NFT 'movement' is kinda the opposite of the foss 'movement' right?
They seem to be fundamentally at odds, or i don't understand something

When content is removed, we can't tell who the mod is who removed it and that makes it very difficult to seek clarification
'A message all mods' function would be beneficial for this. But maybe someone has an idea on how to accomplish this with lemmy's current tools?


In December 2014, a judge in Spain partially justified prolonging the detention of seven alleged anarchist activists by citing their use of “extreme security measures” such as Riseup email, the judge’s act has been criticized by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).[17][18]

List methods to bypass youtube age restriction
Youtube will try to force a sign in otherwise which is bad for privacy. invidious can't do it sometimes. replacing 'https://www.youtube.com' with these sometimes work: https://yt.zoopid.com nsfwyoutube.com youtubensfw.com https://hooktube.com

A privacy win in america is a privacy win globally. (ex your data might fly through usa google servers)

I editted it on lemmy.ml a while ago, but i guess edits don’t federate? @dessalines@lemmy.ml


Troll(s) are signing up via fapsi right now:

mod Banned @analbeeds@fapsi.be reason: nazi

Can you set it up so that we can invite friends with referral links (a la mastodon style) and it bypasses the application requirement? Maybe we have to apply to get the referral link activated.

"There are no trackers and I don’t keep any kind of logs. I am running an almost identical version of lemmy as lemmy.ml using docker, I only slightly modified one of the themes on the lemmy-ui. The e-mails and the private messages are not encrypted, so if someone has access to the server they would be able to see them. Passwords are hashed. My policy is that I don’t look into any private information. If someone posts something illegal enough for the authorities to contact me (human trafficking, child pornography, etc) I would collaborate with them however I can, but this is a special and very unlikely case.

I will make an effort to keep the instance running for a while, but I don’t want to make guarantees about keeping it up for a determined amount of time. I am running the instance because I want to participate on Lemmy via my own instance, and I am also happy to allow others to make account on this instance. But if the instance were to be brigaded I might choose to make the instance private because I am not so keen on spending a lot of time moderating."

I like fedizens more. But we could run with both names and even web4. @Liwott@lemmy.ml

They can’t shut down 3rd party clients, but i heard moxie is rather oppose to them

No more Moxie Marlinspike? Maybe finally, a signal that accepts custom clients the way matrix and mastodon do?

I didn’t really make it to be right wing.

Telegram and some other alt tech aren’t made to be rightwing hangouts, but turns out lax moderation attracts a certain kind of crowd

You might want to use a grammar checker before posting so we understand more what you’re saying