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As a Mexican I can say the average person here believes the US is a utopia where everyone is rich, owns a huge suburban house, has material abundance, public schools are great, there’s no crime, and you can get all of this off a blue collar worker’s wage.


Honestly, I think the concept of “supporting” a foreign government that you have no influence over is silly anyway. It’s possible to simultaneously agree and disagree with the contradictions in a large multifaceted entity. You might even say it’s dialectical to recognize those contradictions. Nothing is ever black and white.

Saw the title, was about to post <Insert Grapes of Wrath Quote Here> and there it is already typed out for me.

Tbh, it sucks that punk fashion got commodified pretty hardcore and lost its DIY ethic. Now it basically is more punk to wear cute, nonthreatening handmade and secondhand clothes.

Spinning sounds really cool though. Dat vertical supplychain integration.

There is a small but growing group of people who hand knit and hand sew their clothes. It’s not exactly the solution, but it’s nice to see a return to ‘slow’ fashion in some circles.

Sounds like this topic is probably just a thing for English speakers, then.

Usually I hear “guys” or “dudes” most often to refer to men. But women don’t get to have fun words. :(

“Woman” is more appropriate for adults 90% of the time unless you’re talking specifically in a scientific context. “Female” feels way too medical, like you’re talking about something foreign or of another species. Before incels popularized it, I’d never heard the term used as commonly as it is now. In fact, I’d only ever seen it used the way it is now in media where you’re supposed to recognize the character as sexist (“haha, the female sex is a mystery indeed” kinda thing).

It’s become oddly normalized in Gen Z, but the question I have is: why aren’t men called “males” nearly at the same frequency?

Left Reckoning - AMLO’s Fight Against Colonialism And For Public Power
Surprise surprise, American think tanks are funding right wing groups in Mexico.

Question about personal word filters.
Hi, so I swear I've seen discussions about personal word filters on here, and I thought Dess and Nutomic confirmed that this was in the works. But I can't find the post (I could just be losing my mind, lol). This is unrelated to the slur filter. Is there going to be a feature where you can go into your profile, add a word to a list, and then all posts containing that word will be filtered from your own view of the TL?