Adora got left in lemmygrad, and I’m now stuck in this place with ya’ll, so its just me for now. Fuck you. Cats are better than dogs.


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What was the Enron accounting scandal? Some sources would be appreciated.
cross-posted from: > Figured it would be useful to be knowledgeable on this subject

oh joy I thought we were a decade off from this! But no! Looks like dystopia is arrving early!

capitalists will somehow make this the fault of the people who bought the bionic eyes to see

Alexey Gryazev Russia’s special operation in Ukraine marked the emergence of new “tankies” in the West


okay, thanks for the information. Sorry for the confusion, I’ll try not to jump down your throat next time.

I keep thinking that but then they pull another stash out of nowhere

I was talking about isn’trael but okay. Funny how just shattering people in your own country for 8 years is just completely fine for the west. Doesn’t matter if they’re russian right? I’ll care when the standards are actually applied, and not just abused to be a wing of the united state’s political fuckery.

Seems the nazis also adopted their classic propaganda types again. Fuck them, they’ll soon all be dead.

so more like the “USA sanctions for being against them” Council instead of human rights?