I run the midwest.social instance. I’m also active on lemmy.ml. @seahorse@lemmy.ml

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You can give your site “taglines”, short markdown messages, which are shown at the top of your front page.

What is considered the Front Page?

Storage size on instance servers
I recently had to expand my instance's storage size from 25 GB to 50 GB because it was out of space. How much storage do you all use for your instances? I'm a little surprised that it ran out of space as my instance isn't heavily used. Am I doing something wrong? I prune all the unused docker images, so it's not that.

Collapse OS — Bootstrap post-collapse technology
This has been posted before but in case you haven't heard of it, then here it is.

What thoughts go through your head when you hear someone refer to left-leaning individuals or policies as "liberal"?
Whenever I hear someone use liberal to describe someone or something that is left leaning I just get the sense that their politics are too US-based and kind of roll my eyes because that's not really what liberal means. Is this an appropriate reaction or should I get off my high horse?

Lemmur is not really in a good working state right now, so if you’re using it I suggest installing Jerboa. Which app are you using?

All of what he complains about is pretty much solved with the self-hosting and federation features of Mastodon or Lemmy. Feel like you’re being censored? Start your own instance or join someone else’s instance.

Checked my city’s police department and they use Ring’s Neighbors app. I guess I shouldn’t spray paint a hammer and sickle on this one dude’s all black american flag after all lol.

I looked up something like “open source reddit” and came across lemmy and decided to join and stayed. Now I run midwest.social and buckeyestate.social.

I’d like to continue to use it as a phone.

What should I do with a spare Pixel?
I recently bought a new phone, so my old phone, a Pixel 4 xl is now sitting around collecting dust. I thought it could be fun to install an actual non-Google Linux OS on it. Any suggestions?

The linux upskill challenge guides users through setting up a server from the beginning and shows you how to set up a firewall with ufw as well as disabling root login via ssh.

Maybe it’s because I live in the US, but I thought that was common. What’s really shitty is when I go to pump gas and the screen on the pump starts blasting ads at me. That’s some dystopian shit.

You can subscribe to whatever communities are there from your current account by searching !<community_name>@gtio.io

A suggestion: you should require people to answer some type of sign up application questions to be a member. Otherwise trolls WILL use your instance to harass people.

Like @nutomic@lemmy.ml said, there were major issues with federation up until recently, but they have been completely resolved from what I can tell now.

I tested it out a few months ago on Android and it worked really well. Tested it out with bluetooth as well as with an internet connection.

While I’m not a fan of Putin it’s very interesting to see how there’s a bunch of far right white supremacists in Ukraine. Since you probably know more than I do about modern Russia can you give me some sources about why all this tension is happening?