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This image never fails to make me laugh, and I’ve seen it at least 10 times by now.

Running Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi without internet
Would self-hosting a Nextcloud instance locally without an internet connection be viable? Use case: Around 5 people need to share files over the network, collaborate on Office documents in real-time, use GitLab, and a To-do/Task management tool. Beyond the initial setup, does any of these requirements need an active Internet connection, or can we all connect to the Raspberry Pi server via Ethernet?

Lemmur is currently broken. Jerboa is your best bet. You can find an APK on github, or you can get it on F-droid afaik.

If you are advertising yourself as a privacy respecting website, you can’t “forget” to disable tracking. It says a lot about your competence and credibility if you do.

I’ve been using it for more than a month after I made that post. Its great, I like it a lot. The software manager is usable, but still the worst part of the system, like all the Linux distros I’ve used.

I want to try a new Debian/Ubuntu based distro. Any suggestions?
What I've used so far: 1) Ubuntu 2) KDE neon 3) Linux Mint 4) Debian I don't really like the MacOS feel, so things like ElementaryOS are not an option. I'm eyeing Pop!_OS though, but maybe there are less known distros that are worth a try. Suggestions?

What's a fun project to work on with the Raspberry Pi?
I thought about using my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ as a NextCloud server, but research told me it would be too slow to be useful. Any cool useful projects I can do, without any extra purchases? I'm extremely low on money currently.

Is Lemmy gaining or losing active users over time?
I'm new here, so I'd like to know if this project is growing steadily or not really catching on. It has a lot of potentioal imho, but I understand how hard it is to make people use "alternative" websites.

It makes sense for it to have a built in ad-blocker. Any idea why they don’t do that?

It makes you a bit distinguishable from the people who don’t use an Ad-Blocker. It won’t be enough to identify you, but it does add to your digital fingerprint.