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I’d be interested in how the fact that the Tor browser in Tails has uBlock Origin pre-installed affects the security/anonymity of the browser instance. I’m all for blocking ads and trackers everywhere, but since regular Tor doesn’t have an ad blocker, wouldn’t fingerprinters be able to identify at least that you’re on Tails and not a normal OS? And therefore also know when you change where you’re accessing Tor from?

(Also, I totally thought this was referring to Tails from Sonic for a second lol)

BREAKING: Uyhgur organ harvesting isreal but is happening in Massachusetts

I see it as on the same level of a vegan advocacy organisation working with one of the biggest meat companies in the world. Sure, the vegan org might reduce the suffering of the animals under their control, but that shouldn’t be their goal, complete abolishment of animal agriculture should be.

How do we tell people that they can’t have more children than the replacement rate, or how do we determine when/who gets to have more than the default number of children?

Bid an obscene amount of money on NFTs, then sell them because pretty much no cryptobro questions why they’re actually that expensive. I mean, look at the damn pictures of the monkeys. Why would something so hidious be worth so much.

On the other hand, Linux systems often contain more valuable things than Windows or Mac. The average person probably doesn’t have too much valuable data on their PC, but a web server? Database server? Corporate network control node? Those are jackpots in comparison.

Fun fact: “malware as a service” is very much a booming business on the black market. Usually in the form of cryptominers/cryptostealers, adware/scamware, and ransomware. You pay to buy prepackaged malware, usually one designed to make you money as a kind of return on investment, and deploy it.

It’s the reason security researchers often find that “this new malware going around” is “similar to/a strain of/uses the same engine as this older malware”.

And of course they went with the protect children route. Like they think sex offenders obey the law and won’t use E2EE just because the government tells them not to.

It’s also a guilt trip/thought stopping strategy. It’s designed to make anyone who supports E2EE look like they’re pedophiles or pedophile sympathesizers and effectively kills any discourse on the matter.

It’s been going on for years now. Not just with Bing, they give you a prompt like within Windows too when you go to change the default browser.

Same with Google. They promote chrome for all browser searches.

Dessalines is right. They can’t keep getting away with this.