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Then you must specify that it is meant to be a sarcasm, though. Sarcasm cannot be identified in a written text without a non-verbal communication, speaker’s posture, voice intonation or body language. We cannot tell when you are being sarcastic and when serious otherwise.

Oh, I see the culprit. Consider the following.

You have here:


but you want here:


Without the https, the text parser handles the link as a local link related to the website itself (In Markdown, you can link – redirect – to other files in the filesystem. Websites supporting Markdown often reimplement this behaviour, as seen here.). I should have checked the source first before posting myself. I have already seen a few posts with this issue.

I can imagine the set would look really nice and cute. It would still be pretty usable, I think, too. What a great idea.

It sure helps me when I feel like having a shower in the morning. All it takes is to force yourself to get out of bed and walk the short distance to the bathroom. Then, in about 2 minutes after you wake up, you are completely awake, full of energy and (at least in my case) happy and ready for the day. No more morning grogginess, fatigue or grumpiness that it is morning again. I would encourage you to try it. It might not work for you, but if it does, it changes mornings completely.

Looking fantastic. Good work.

Creative. I will have to do the same, I presume.

And I absolutely agree. This would be a great QoL feature.

I agree. And I got you with the meaning of bad news. I would say it is the right approach. Cannot talk for others, though. Thank you for extending the fediverse.

I hope you feel better soon.

If something doesn’t go our way it’s a bad moment, the whole day isn’t bad.

I would say this is generally true, but it can also mean that when we have a good/bad moment, these moments tend to affect how we behave for the rest of the day. Furthermore, how we see the rest of the day. Therefore, bad moments can lead to a bad day as well as good moments can make us deliriously happy for the remainder of the day, which we would call a good day. If multiple moments occur, the feeling is just that stronger one way or the other.

That sounds nice. Yeah, I agree with how you see the community goals.

Thinking about it now, I might not be the only one without a clear understanding of which topics should I post to which community. If I were you, I would probably even explain the difference in the community sidebar where the link to !pixelfed@lemmy.ml community is with something like:

General Pixelfed discussion community: [!pixelfed@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/pixelfed) 

If this is bad news I’m sure I’ll hear about it :D

I do not understand what do you mean. What could be (possibly) bad news and why? I can see nothing wrong about this. Just curious why would you think it could be bad news in some way.

Is there any difference in the goals of the communities !pixelfed@lemmy.ml and !frompixelfed@sopuli.xyz? Is it that !frompixelfed@sopuli.xyz is focused purely on finding creators instead of general Pixelfed-related discussion as in !pixelfed@lemmy.ml?

It does support Piped. However, LibRedirect uses random instance every redirect. LibRedirect does not sort instances by latency, as far as I know. You can customize the list of used instances with the ones with good latency, though.

I would say this cannot be a step in a wrong direction. And if you feel adventurous, you might want to start exploring how your browser can be hardened to ensure better privacy. Or you can install pre-hardened forks of Fennec. The beauty in this is that you actually have the choice. Many proprietary browsers do not give you that. Have fun and enjoy.

Fennec is just like Firefox, only for mobile phones. LibreWolf is a privacy-oriented hardened fork of Firefox. Mull is practically the same as LibreWolf, only for mobile phones. It is a privacy-oriented hardened fork of Fennec. You can get the same results as Mull or LibreWolf with Fennec or Firefox, if you adjust the Fennec or Firefox settings accordingly. I usually say that if you use LbreWolf, you should use Mull on mobile phones.

Bromite is a Chromium-based browser which, in my opinion, means unusable on mobile phones. It lacks many features and (as I feel it) the UX is terrible from the usability perspective. However, I would say that Bromite is the closest you can get to Ungoogled Chromium on mobile phones. Privacy-wise, Bromite browser should be a good choice if you want/need Chromium-based browser. However, there are some perks of using Bromite one might find pretty useful. For example, see @beta_tester@lemmy.ml’s comment here.

Actually, the fzf functionality in zoxide is exactly what I wanted from both z and autojump. zoxide looks super neat.

I did not think about torrent links at all. That is actually a really neat idea.

Ah, exactly. I very much exercise this precise technique to backup all of my work and personal files. It could be a good comedy, once my PC breaks up, to watch me go through all the different services (external HDDs, NAS, distributed content on my other devices, Git repositories and so on) to set up my PC once again. Another TODO in the never ending list of what to do next.

Lemmy, as other similar sites, is meant to function as a link aggregator, not data storage. Therefore, usually any large files such as videos are not allowed to be stored at the service itself. You should truly use any service meant for storing videos and make a post linking that other service with your video, in this case.

But I agree, a documentation describing this topic would be nice. There might be one already, but I am not sure about it at all. And there should be a specific error notification, not a JSON error, I would say. That might be up for a new issue.