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Ukrainian officials previously disclosed that Willy Joseph Cancel, Jr., a 22-year-old ex-Marine from Kentucky, had died in late April.

Cancel culture is getting out of hand

it’s probably some Dune reference

Still he’s not blameless though. He is taking whatever orders he’s receiving from the neo Nazis and NATO in stride.

Defense attorney DESTROYS Amber Heard

What’s NLAW?

The massacre in Bucha is completely gone from media spotlight and general consciousness

NATO alleged that Russia messacred civilians in Bucha in cold blood. The images which served as evidence were pretty gut wrenching. You would expect that the media woild talk about it for more than two days but nope. You won’t hear about it anywhere. …

I’m wondering if it was always this blatant. Dems are so feckless they have cranked “we have tried nothing and we are all out of ideas” to 11. What is the point of their existence then? The reigns of the party is in the hands of a couple of octogenarians as well. Feels rotten to the core.

Anglosphere really do be bumming me out

I’m going to buy an EVM so I can vote everyday from my home

Someone is pocketing it one way or another. Only a miniscule amount will end up helping in the war.

Is it really a virtual cashier if it’s an actual person but just on a screen?

Seems like mainstream media is physically incapable of NOT advocating for giving more money to weapons manufacturers.

What is the meme they’re trying to capitalise on? This was thoroughly unfunny and the comments were even worse somehow.

The last post made in /r/VolunteersForUkraine was made 12 hours ago and is by (purportedly) a Foreign Legionnaire warning people to not travel to Ukraine only to turn into a bloody pulp

Foreign legions I feel are only a tiny part of the equation of the totality of the war and more of an online phenomenon but I wanted to talk about it anyway. It seems like many fascists from all over the world, even Brazil, have decided to congregate in the meat grinder that is the front line of Ukr…