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Best way I found was to block the top three lemmygrad sublemmies, which filters out a great deal of them.

I’m a little curious what this user was banned for as well. I don’t have any vested interest, but I scrolled through Julianus’ comments and didn’t see anything approaching bad taste. Maybe I missed it, or it was scrubbed.

Up until about a month ago, I thought lemmy.ml was plenty welcoming to people on the left that weren’t tankies. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, that’s changed. The anarkiddie jokes get old really, really fast.

I think that untrusted means that they aren’t signed by an already trusted organization. But since you’re receiving them direct from the school, that shouldn’t be a concern.

I tried using this, admittedly a while ago, for two months. It flat out could not deliver messages reliably to someone in the same household. Sometimes messages would arrive weeks after being sent, and sometimes nothing would arrive at all. Maybe it’s changed since, but I doubt it.

I found pixelfed really hard to install. Maybe I was just doing something wrong, and I was admittedly not using docker, but I had to deviate from the instructions at least once, and I never got federation with mastodon full working. It was also very bloated. My server is a fairly weak vps, but it bumped my resource usage (disk and processor) up by like 40%. I eventually settled on Piwigo, which I like a lot.

I like the current system, where removed posts are blanked. I don’t really see the point of preserving content after it’s removed by a mod if the modlog already shows what got removed.

I downvote the Chinese propaganda spam. Also the poorly written opinion pieces with unsourced claims or tabloid articles.