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The developers of Lemmy the software have no power to take anything down, provided you set up your own server and host the Lemmy software yourself. Any hosted server (lemmy.ml, lemmygrad.ml… etc, ) can decide on their own rules they wish their users to follow though.

This depends on where a particular instance/server of Lemmy is hosted. The software is as free speech as you make it, but not all instances can host all forms of speech legally, depending on the specific country that a particular Lemmy server is located in.

It deserves another look by developers though, may not be exactly the same version, just a similar group of trojans with akin purposes?

This all depends on how big their team was, especially during the economic downturn from the pandemic.

China detects Trojan for Linux used by the NSA.
The NOPEN Trojan is a remote control tool for Unix/Linux operating systems primarily used for stealing files, gaining access to computers, redirecting network communications and viewing information on a targeted device, according to the report.

I once saw a good documentary about a radical environmentalist movement, called If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front

- double-ratchet E2E encryption using AES-256-GCM cipher with X3DH key agreement using 2 ephemeral Curve448 keys to derive secrets for ratchet initialization. These keys and secrets are separate for each contact, group membership and file transfer - additional encryption of messages delivered from servers to recipients, also using Curve25519 DH exchange and NaCl crypto-box - to avoid shared cipher-text in sent and received traffic

To be clear I don’t mean to shit on the platform, I’m just approaching it with a lot of cynicism.

It seemed to me you meant to imply that you, unfortunately, dislike Julian Assange?

associate themselves with Wikileaks and/or Julian Assange

What’s wrong with that?

- Introducing ability to send password reset/sign up emails via MAIL_PORT - Responsive styling fixes Other urgent bugfixes...

An Arch based distro with broadened kernel hardware support options

I doubt it, somehow I feel it’s going to be even worse without him. I get a very Dorsey exits Twitter vibe from this, and that’s not a good thing…

Why is every software written in V created by the language team itself? That’s odd to me…

Fixing visual bugs, security vulnerabilities and improving federation, it is an all-around recommended update.

Most notably voice calls probably.

The metadata situation is being slowly improved under public pressure since 2017, though there’s still a lot yet to be desired.

I think something like adding movie cataloguing functionality to https://inventaire.io could be easier…? They claim to support ActivityPub too as of now…

Yes, exactly. Personally, I think Plume does it the right way here.

The main branch actually compiles and is active. All it means is that you’re not going to see branched-off releases with neatly written up changelogs very often.

Plume is still active, just slowed down on the release circles.

I could if they implemented screen rotation:-(

Self-sovereign identity they called it.
An effort for a linkable identity to follow you even across decentralized systems.