Good Morning from the Empire of Lies and Chaos where I wake each morning, grab my coffee and watch the decline and fall of the western world in real time. I’m a big history buff, have a degree in history, but lately have a very hard time sinking my teeth into anything now other than the history happening right before my eyes.

I used to read about the lead up to World War One and wonder how leaders on every side could be so ignorant and arrogant, so incompetent and did not comprehend the danger and subsequent consequences of their actions. Now I understand. I used to wonder how a democratic and well educated society as Weimar Germany could fall under the spell of the Nazi party, and allow themselves to be sleep walked to their doom. Now I understand.

When I was twelve my brother lent me his copy of Animal Farm than a couple years later, 1984. I was too young to fully comprehend them at the time, although I was smart enough to know that both contained some essential truths about humans, their societies and the potential for mass control, surveillance and propaganda. Now, I totally understand. I see it every day…everywhere. Back then, it was an adventure of the mind. Now it is not an adventure, it is a nightmare.

Ukraine was a bridge too far for the Neo-Cons and the Globalists. A mistake of epic, of historic proportions. Never underestimate the destructive potential of hubris and arrogance. If you repeat lies enough times in order to brainwash the masses, you will ultimately also brainwash yourself to believe those same lies in a self orchestrated doom loop.

We enter the danger zone. Those in power will do anything to maintain that power and as that power slips through their fingers, lost in their own self created illusion and delusion, sure of their own divine right to rule the world, with unlimited hubris and arrogance, they step by step lead the entire world toward a conflagration the likes of which hasn’t been seen…perhaps ever in human history.

Unless something drastic changes our current course, we head full steam into the perfect storm.

Pròdrom (CA/ES): el futur que ja és aquí! / el futuro ya está aquí

    m. [LC] [MD] Signe precursor d’un mal, del part, etc. Els pròdroms de la guerra. Els pròdroms d’una malaltia.

    Sinònims: anunci, auguri, auspici, averany, indicació, prenunci, presagi, pronòstic, senyal, signe, símptoma, vaticini


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