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You can already satisfy that use case using a web browser, tabs or different windows, or even different browsers.

Imagine the mess of a fusion between this two, mixing read only content from Reddit and interactive user created/aggregated content from the web.

Oh, then it’s more appropriate to ask in the c/linguistics community.

ES: Si te refieres a lenguajes formales (como los lenguajes de programación), lo recomendable es que estudies teoría de autómatas y lenguajes formales, también puede ser interesante complementar con el estudio de lingüística matemática.

ENG: If you are referring to formal languages (as in programming languages), it is advised to study theory of automata and formal languages, it could also be interesting to compliment with mathematical linguistics studies.

So if we say that this war was the escalation of the Coup promoted by the US in 2014, we can use the same reasoning to say that Americans are responsible for Brit males acting like this.

So, it’s Russia’s fault that Brit men wants to exploit Ukrainian refugees sexually? I’ve seen men blaming women for this, but blaming another country is another step on protecting males.

As in Linux and most Unix(like) operating systems, the graphical interface is not the default way to interact with the operating system, contrary to what happens in Windows and OS X, there are many “desktop environments”. Desktop environments are a cohesive collection of graphical applications to interact with the operating system and GNOME is one of them, alongside KDE and XFCE, which are the most famous ones (but there are a lot more).

This is GNOME: This is the GNOME desktop

This is KDE: This is the KDE desktop

This is XFCE: This is the XFCE desktop

Oh, this is ridiculous… @Kulun hasn’t posted on mander.xys, an instance focused on natural science, but rather on WorldNews. He is just using another instance to post proNATO content.