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Reality can deliever such comedy that any comic art based on absurdity will seem peak realism. One of the many reasons I like living in this world.

I seriously doubt Ukrainian data, especially considering that they never had the chance to count anything in Mariupol. This one whole city was the hottest point of clash and there were many, very many civilians who got in-between clashing sides just because they had no chance to evacuate safely for the most part.

Let’s not forget civilian casualties too. No matter how careful you are (and nazis are clearly not) civilians will get blown up on mines, die of diseases and lack of basic goods such as medicine and food. We won’t know how many actually were lost there for a long time. Probably a lot more than the whole population of Donbass.

Honestly, the result like that was obvious since the beginning. Wars of that scale never can go with only a couple of people killed a day. The only question was - how many exactly.

Nah, libs will never believe that GDP per capita is not the ultimate sign of welfare.

That awkward moment when you have to pull your leg out of the furnace you put it into willingly

I’m honestly feeling bad about Estonians and Lithuanians. There are many very based people, but they literally turned up in the worst post-soviet state which are very close to Ukraine in the speed of nazification.

Nah, there’s no chance. He’s one of the most notable sources of shittiest anti-soviet propaganda and occasionally quotes our nazi philosophers who supported Hitler during WW2. Plus the rhetorics he is using are veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery typical of… Well. You know who.

Well. Guess banning Instagram here in Russia wasn’t out of nowhere at all with such hot takes.

This is literally CP2077 Corpo intro when weird cucks in suits come and be like “You’re fired, all your implants will cease to function in 60 seconds, good luck”

Hooo boy, guess it’s time to prepare to get fucking mobilized soon. Gotta get into shape.

Idk, being Russian I find all this stuff funny. Nothing extraordinary, our own propaganda here does the same kind of bullshit about the Soviets.

The game itself is IMHO not worth playing anyways, that Tomb Rider reboot series is meh and not worth your time anyways. You’re not losing much.

Holy hell, what a country Muricah is. Is walking around with a fucking gun normal there?

Now here’s your answer why that rouble keeps going up even though the artificial control measures by our central bank were lifted. Look at that fucking spider web, all gas and oil buyers literally tangled themselves.

Imagine them going for that knife kill and being like “What the hell, I need to stab him and he doesn’t insta die? That’s bullshiet.”

Who the hell is Kyle Rittenhouse by the way? Saw it circulate somewhere in the muricah information space, but there was some weird vague shit about it.

It’s actually amazing how this whole machine still holds on despite cracks forming all over it. Gotta watch and learn, this experience might come in handy. We clearly lack the picture of the logistical situation and the real picture of how things work out.

Holy-moly. That sounds like me trying to be officer. In a fucking Arma unit, not in real life. That poor guy literally got the worst shit. What’s more, nazis will most likely blame their own poor fellas like this guy for their losses and some of the officers and soldiers will definitely get rolled Reich-style.

Haven’t seen anyone post this one before, so I guess I’ll be the one. …

That’s without including stuff that certain people (including our red non-partisan comrades) and more or less independeny organisations bring there just to help out people. There’s many intricacies about all that. For example, soldiers from Donetsk are basically militia and some comrades are trying to help them with necessary tools and even gear, because those are to be bought personally by soldiers themselves mostly and they have no access to that kind of stuff. Most needed replacement of military clothing and shoes because after years in the trenches stuff gets worn and not so usable.