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Like you can often see posts talking on r/Superstonk about how when they’re rich they’ll “fix the system” somehow. Motherfucker you’re gonna check out at best, at worst try and grow your wealth and find out why the rich people you hate are the way they are. I guess it’s impossible to really think about what things would be like after an event like that though; such huge financial conglomerates even having an 0.1% chance of becoming completely liquidated is a complete black swan event that nobody can really predict the result of. Will the rich people getting fucked stop the rich people who’ll make money on this from making money on this? Will the rich people fucking over the rich people who put themselves in this position allow this event to happen? Who knows! It’s a war in heaven at this point.

It’s pretty obvious they’re right in the very specific and narrow field of a specific situation where rich people got rich off of cellar boxing and overleveraging themselves on synthetic shorts to print free money, but everything else about how they analyze the world is almost completely idealist garbage with no bearing on reality. Whatever though, I hope a lot of very very rich people get fucked over by them, even if in the end it may just be a reshuffling of who’s who in the bourgeois class.

Good screenshot OCR utility for Gnome 40+
I used to use normcap but I've found it doesn't work when installed through the aur or through pip, I can only get it to work when I run the Appimage directly. Does anyone else have a similar experience? I just can't seem to find another OCR utility that plays nice and fast with Wayland

If you were alive at the time I’m sure you remember how against the war the news was. CNN, famously against the war. MSNBC, famously against the war. Fox News, famously against the war. Sure, now they admit it was a mistake to kill millions for checks notes “democracy” after mothers are already left without their sons. No thanks, I’d rather the approach of China. Can you remind me again how many countries China has invaded since, oh let’s say 1960.

Yeah but that’s not unique, America talks a lot about the Uighur population in China but then goes right ahead and actually kills millions of muslims. I think a country talking out of both sides of their mouth to avoid war and difficulty is much more worthy than a country talking out of both sides of their mouth to create a dominion over the world.

Bottles: Easily run and install windows program in a beautiful GTK Interface
I just found out about this software, has anybody used it? It looks way more stunning than Lutris ever did and seems really nice. Are there drawbacks I don't know about somehow?

Come on comrade 👀 look a bit harder, you may see that we’re more coherent than the rich make us look

Gnome is one of the most popular desktop environments on Linux, it can be said to look most similar to MacOS

Overall a less action filled week with flashy images, but the update to toasts is really cool

Just beat me to the punch, I was about to recommend this. KDE Connect is a wonderful piece of software that works on Windows, Linux and Mac (maybe idk). This only works if you have an android phone though, if it’s between iOS and a pc you’re SOL. The only thing I could really figure out was just uploading all the files from my phone or my PC I wanted to transfer onto gofile. Better than dealing with apple clouds and weird third party apps.

Yes, I experience this on Android. My solution is to only enable syncthing when the phone is charging (it’s in the settings) but my PC being on and my phone being charged doesn’t usually happen at the same time, so I have another computer in my network act as another node in my syncthing network. This way every night when I charge my phone everything from my PC is synchronized to my second computer, which is always on and can synchronize to my phone.

Here’s to hoping, I hope they find a way to integrate the emojis though

I was following Dessalines’ work when I saw he was working in this project; it’s nice. I’m sad hexbear forked so hard federation isn’t possible but this is much more sustainable imo. Hope they’re able to get their code base in line and merge!

Bruh imagine witnessing a revolution that has transformed an industrial backwater into a Union capable of defeating the Nazi onslaught (where your monstrous empire of birth is unable to fight at the moment) in your lifetime and then having your British “sensibilities” kick in and write a book about how bad it is while your country still owns INDIA MOTHERFUCKER.

It just fuckin’ blows my mind sometimes that Orwell wrote 1984 at a time when the SU was the only ones fighting the Nazis in direct combat. Makes you wonder who he preferred, really.

Yeah, make sure you get an unlocked pixel that says it’s verizon compatible and it’s plug and play; even the 5g works