SITREP 6/29/24: Biden's Unraveling Sets New Course for Ukraine
Let’s start off with the debate which indirectly segues us into Ukrainian war developments. First off, we all know the debate is inconsequential and nothing more than a charade. That being said, it’s obvious a large psyop was pulled off given the fact that Biden was in no way any worse in the debate than he has been in any of his recent interviews or speeches. In fact, if you really had to objectively score it, it’s arguable he won the debate against Trump, given that despite his obvious mental decline, he at least was able to recite the memorized facts given him after CNN undoubtedly leaked all the questions to his camp. But even despite those advantages, Trump rarely cited any facts or semblance of a plan, and merely squandered his time defensively backbiting, repeating the same three talking points or tediously boasting how everything associated with his administration was ‘the greatest ever’ and anything of his opponent’s is ‘the worst ever’.
El segon genet de l'apocalipsi


    La guerra, les revoltes armades, etc. és un ingredient present en boi tots els processos de col·lapse.

    Escassetat de recursos? Lluita pel poc que queda, intent d’acaparar-los, descontentament…

    Per què hauria de ser diferent aquest cop, quan, de fet, la humanitat no ha deixat mai la companyia del genet que munta el cavall de color del foc?


    La guerra, las revueltas armadas, etc. es un ingrediente presente en casi todos los procesos de colapso.

    Escasez de recursos? Lucha por lo poco que queda, intento de acapararlos, descontento…

    ¿Por qué debería ser diferente esta vez cuando, de hecho, la humanidad no ha dejado nunca la compañía del jinete que monta el caballo de color del fuego?


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