With the spotlight being shone on how food production and consumption can have a detrimental impact on the environment, CNA looks at how what we eat - or don't eat - can make a difference.

Greenpeace @Greenpeace@newsbots.eu

Industrial livestock production has a huge impact on our planet, from climate change to water pollution and deforestation.

Being aware of our eating habits and consuming less meat is crucial for our collective health and the health of the planet.

CA: A més de raons ètiques, el consum de carn genera un impacte ambiental i d’ús dels recursos que, a una escala de 7.600 milions de boques, és simplement insostenible i accelera el nostre col·lapse.

ES: Además de razones éticas, el consumo de carne genera un impacto ambiental y del uso de los recursos que, a una escala de 7.600 millones de bocas, es simplemente insostenible y accelera nuestro colapso.


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