As Russian forces were closing in on a bunker on April 21 in the heavily bombed and surrounded Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, preparing on an assault on the “fortress-like” underground bunker where an estimated 2000 remaining Ukrainian troops are said to be holed up, Russian President Vladimir Putin reversed his order and told Russian troops to surround the hard-pressed Ukrainians until, out of ammunition, food, and water, they came out voluntarily. Reporting on this decision, the New York Times, in an update to a story on the city’s final battle, claimed Putin had made the decision to avoid his troops having to fight their way through tunnels taking inevitably heavy casualties. What the Times didn’t mention was Putin’s saying that he also did not want to have fought in the bunker (or clearly, to hit it with a bunker-busting bomb, which could have been done long ago) because of hundreds of civilians said by Ukrainian sources to be “hiding” there. Russia views them as captives being used by the mostly Azov Battalion forces as hostages (itself, if true, a war crime).
El segon genet de l'apocalipsi


    La guerra, les revoltes armades, etc. és un ingredient present en boi tots els processos de col·lapse.

    Escassetat de recursos? Lluita pel poc que queda, intent d’acaparar-los, descontentament…

    Per què hauria de ser diferent aquest cop, quan, de fet, la humanitat no ha deixat mai la companyia del genet que munta el cavall de color del foc?


    La guerra, las revueltas armadas, etc. es un ingrediente presente en casi todos los procesos de colapso.

    Escasez de recursos? Lucha por lo poco que queda, intento de acapararlos, descontento…

    ¿Por qué debería ser diferente esta vez cuando, de hecho, la humanidad no ha dejado nunca la compañía del jinete que monta el caballo de color del fuego?


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