I’ve thought about it, something about managing my time between having fun and doing work. If i did create an social environment with a set of rules that strictly focuses on developing skills, and, that is, it could be any skills as long as the community is focused.

There is one offer I heard some time ago from the lemmy org itself giving out free hosting for instances. It might be a chance for me to do so, however there is many caveats.

For one I’m pretty lazy and I don’t sometimes feel like managing and moderating. But I think It’s fine if I’m like that as the rules are pretty clear, (which I’ll explain after).

I probably have to choose whether I should federate or not, for one people from other instance could help others or maybe it’ll attract spam and unwanted, unfocused comments and post from other users.

Alright, to get the idea of what it would be like; for the description and rules:

A lemmy instance for learning.

  1. everything from lemmy.ml
  2. You can only comment related to the topic, and if it’ll be helpful
  3. You can only post discussions, you may not aggregrate links. All resources can only be added in the community description.
  4. If a person post Art or Writing or some other media, and if the person asked for criticism you may only respond of what is requested, if the person asks to recieve criticism privately, then do so.
  5. if you want to give advice and you think it’ll be helpful but the person did not ask, please send them a message privately with a re:/reference in the header.
  6. You cannot make communities unrelated to learning.


  1. You cannot post anything unrelated to each corresponding community
  2. You cannot post memes, or posting for jokes. as this is a focused space.

Guidelines for starting a community:

  1. Be concise in the description, and write down the rules needed to make a good learning environment.
  2. Add learning resources for the community, you may discuss with them which is the best resources.
  3. If you want to build a community but just started studying, you may discuss it with others to find helpful members and find resources. you can search for resources through https://learn-anything.xyz
  4. You can have fun, put up events related to the study topic. it might just help people be motivated.

You can but you would have trouble gaining activity since the biggest attractor for new users is activity and it it would be difficult to get that initial momentum with such strict posting guidelines. If you had an established userbase though it’s a great idea.

I think it’s a good idea, but only if you already have users or potential users. Otherwise just make a sublemmy on one of the servers and use that.

Everything about Lemmy; bugs, gripes, praises, and advocacy.

For discussion about the lemmy.ml instance, go to !meta@lemmy.ml.

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