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is It? no offence but it seems pretty standard to me.

I can’t see how that is useful, is it just until the “real” functionality for highlighting the new comments since last visit will be implemented?

one to provide an outlet for people’s unpleasant/destructive thoughts (sometimes voicing them will help temporarily quiet them if you are in acute distress).

That sounds like a problematic issue, reddit already has a problem with communities for support where "ppl who suck at X give advice to other people who suck at X). These types of communities might reinforce unhealthy attitudes, I suggest you at least link to sources that have at least trained volunteers (my country have those, and the US probably also has it), maybe also links to other resources like free online CBT/ACT therapy resources or books.

Why do some comments appear white?

Is this suppose to highlight new comments? because if it is it does not seem to work OK, I only visited yesterday yet a comment from 23m ago is not highlighted.

Some services (like friendica) can be used with yunohost which is supposed to make self hosting easier, maybe we can try to encourage the community to add lemmy to it (and link to it on the lemmy homepage).

Other companies seem to be doing ok with the linux desktop, for example linux mint (which seem to continually increase revenue) and pop os.

Their patreon donations have been declining, I Fear that some of their design decisions are just not attracting users (If not getting them to leave), that leads to less users and therefore less donations.

It is in “low maintenance”, since it’s working ok that’s not a problem for me.

The new project misses the most useful feature of the-federation, sorting instance by “active users” (If you want to go with the “wisdom of the crowds” when picking instances).

There also seems to be a big differences between the stats. Do you really think lemmy has over 20k users?

If anybody is skeptical, here are lemmy growth stats

[Whats new](https://github.com/labwc/labwc/blob/master/NEWS.md)

You might want to post a bounty on it on rysolv (or some better platform if you can find one), That might be a “stronger” or more persuasive signal then posting on social media.

have you tried writing a sentence in a RTL language?

I tried in mine, the dot at the end of the sentence is at the wrong side of the text ,it’s at the right side, it should be on the left. (atleast that’s what it shows in the preview, I prefer not to give extra information about myself like what kind of language i use).

Do RTL languages even work properly in lemmy, is there an instance using a RTL language?

There are millions of RTL language users (arabic is very popular), some (almost all?) living in dictatorships and might appreciate having control of the data (They might fear big tech will collaborate with these governments and give them information about pro democracy activities).