CMV: woke chess. Black or white should move first
I'm partially memeing bc i get that it's a game from like 3000 yrs ago, but its a very easy modification. Is there a reason why this isn't done? Or changing the colors to something else? (Blue vs red, which seems to be video game standard)

I have aphantasia but managed to follow the moves in the video and notice the pin. Aphantasia is the inability to create mental images in one's mind. You can check for yourself if you have aphantasia by [imaging a ball on a table]( Do you have aphantasia? Can you play blind chess?

Looks fun, but needs more attendees

Any FLOSS ICS (Internet Chess Server) ?
cross-posted from: > From time I have been wondering if there is even such thing. > > The only one to not being even commercial is FICS which is only free of charge, not as in freedom. > > To be exact, I know that ICS protocol is not standard but just wanted to use XBoard and similar clients in places and platforms where Lichess cannot be used.

Flang is a board game similar to chess or shogi but differs in some special rules. If you like chess or other board games, you might want to try this one. The unique thing about flang is the freeze mechanic. Once you move one of your pieces, it cannot be moved in your next turn because it is freezed except for the king. (I tried it, much fun! Seems inspired by Lichess, uses the same sounds. Makes me wonder why the Lichess app never made it into F-Droid)

Not the traditional "western" chess, but I'd like to give this lichess alike (open source, free, no ads) cool site for Shogi more attention. There is also for checkers.

Young Eline Roebers surprisingly knocks out a GM at European Hybrid Qualification Tournament
Article in Dutch but with full games (and pgn download option) and photos. Fun trivia : The Europe Chess website mistakenly reported that the GM lost "against the much lower rated boy" (Eline is a girl). The decisive game part is shown in beginning of the article, for the full games of Eline you need to scroll down all the way.

I noticed that Scid on the go is a much older version on F-Droid, from 2013, than the source code one, which is from Mar 14, 2020. Is there a reason for it ? Does it not compile for F-Droid ? I know I best ask in the F-Droid forum but maybe someone here knows the answer.

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